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Bite Size Vegan Blog

Vegan Guide To Thanksgiving

Vegan Guide To Thanksgiving: Recipes, Relatives And Reality

By Emily Moran Barwick / 11/16/2017

Thanksgiving is a magical time when most Americans come together with family to gorge themselves to the point of a…

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Vegan Halloween Guide: Costumes, Candy, And Trick Or Treating

By Emily Moran Barwick / 10/28/2017

Halloween is a time for telling scary stories with the lights off, for braving haunted houses and coming up with…

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Who I REALLY Am & What Happens Now

By Emily Moran Barwick / 03/20/2017

I’ve been debating whether or not to make this video for quite some time and kept pushing it back so…

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Vegan Ruins School Lunch

By Emily Moran Barwick / 03/04/2017

What happens when high school students ask a vegan animal rights activist about the government’s role in animal agriculture? Let’s…

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Why Dairy Is Never Humane

By Emily Moran Barwick / 02/08/2017

Today is about challenging appearances and assumptions of extremism and normality. Today is a lesson in unlearning. And what better…

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Vegan For Health vs. Ethics, Yam Birth Control?, Activism Across Cultures & More | Q&A

By Emily Moran Barwick / 02/01/2017

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a Q&A for you guys.  The last one was a two-for-one back-to-back…

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Sex With Animals: The Blurred Lines of Bestiality

By Emily Moran Barwick / 01/27/2017

NOTE: To ARC2017 attendees: Please find the full transcript to my presentation on Social Deviance here. Below is the cited…

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Going Vegan Fixes Everything & Makes Life Perfect!

By Emily Moran Barwick / 01/12/2017

Hey there, you! Have you ever though about going vegan, but want to know what kinds of changes you can…

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How New Vegans RUIN The New Year | Veganuary FAILS

By Emily Moran Barwick / 01/06/2017

Nothing RUINS the New Year like New Vegans! Just leave it to “Veganuary” to bring out a spectacular display of…

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