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Bite Size Vegan Blog

Are Vegans More Depressed?

By Emily Moran Barwick / 10/12/2016

Every now and again, an article[1] decrying the prevalence of depression among vegans and vegetarians stirs up controversy, most often…

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I’ve Lost All Hope For Humanity…

By Emily Moran Barwick / 10/07/2016

There is no excuse for this. They were all babies—less than 6 months old. It doesn’t have to be this…

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Kids! Say NO WAY To ZOO DAY!!!

By Emily Moran Barwick / 10/05/2016

Hi there! If you’re a kid and you love meeting really cool animals in real life—and let’s be honest, who…

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Live Vegan Q&A Sunday! – Vegan Jobs, Class Dissection, Bullying & More!

By Emily Moran Barwick / 10/01/2016

This was my first ever LIVE Q&A. And twice in one day, no less! Thank you all SO MUCH to…

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The Best We Have To Offer? | How Ireland Exposes “Humane” Farming

By Emily Moran Barwick / 09/28/2016

I want you to imagine that one morning you wake up, and as you stretch in bed, your fingers graze…

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YouTube Is Deleting Subscribers — Your Help?

By Emily Moran Barwick / 09/23/2016

I really dislike making YouTube videos about YouTube, particularly when the title, albeit completely accurate, carries a “clickbaity” connotation. You…

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Learning to Love Horses | One Trainer’s Journey Away From Riding

By Emily Moran Barwick / 09/21/2016

One of the most iconic and time-honored human-animal relationships is that of horse and rider. From the noble steeds of…

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LIVE At A UK Slaughterhouse & Gas Chamber

By Emily Moran Barwick / 09/15/2016

Below is the full live stream playlist. Click the icon to navigate between videos It’s one thing to watch footage…

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My Morning In The English Countryside

By Emily Moran Barwick / 09/14/2016

I arrived in England, and this was my morning in the beautiful rolling countryside. In the middle of a quite,…

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