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Bite Size Vegan Blog

Vegan Food & Euphemisms At The Farmers Market

By Emily Moran Barwick / 09/07/2016

Join me at the farmers market for a tour of tasty vegan food—like farm-fresh local produce, pizza, and cookies—and all…

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What Will Your Legacy Be?

By Emily Moran Barwick / 08/31/2016

There’s no question that humanity as a whole has accomplished many great things. Beautiful, powerful and challenging works of art;…

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Come Hear Me Speak — Ireland, England & Online Summit

By Emily Moran Barwick / 08/26/2016

I wanted to let you all know the details of my upcoming talks. And in the interest of continuing to…

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How To Eat Vegan On $4 A Day | Recipes & Resources

By Emily Moran Barwick / 08/24/2016

What if I told you being vegan doesn’t have to be expensive? What if I told you how to make…

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The Crime Of Raising Vegan Kids | When Diet Is Deadly

By Emily Moran Barwick / 08/17/2016

Raising children vegan is already a controversial topic, involving such hot-button issues as proper parenting, dietary choice, child nutrition, religious…

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Erectile Dysfunction: The Deadly Lie & Simple Cure

By Emily Moran Barwick / 08/10/2016

From pills and pumps to surgery and shockwaves, there’s no shortage of creative, costly and confounding treatments for erectile dysfunction.…

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Humane Halal & Kosher Kind | Mercy In Slaughter

By Emily Moran Barwick / 08/03/2016

Kosher (כשר) and halal (حلال) dietary guidelines—particularly in regards to the treatment and slaughter of animals—have long sparked controversy and…

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BIG Changes For Bite Size Vegan

By Emily Moran Barwick / 07/27/2016

There are some huge changes happening with Bite Size Vegan, with the most immediate and obvious one happening next week.…

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Why EGGS Are Never Humane | Babies In A Blender

By Emily Moran Barwick / 07/25/2016

From breakfast to baked goods to countless cultural dishes, eggs couldn’t be more universally ordinary and unremarkable. But today is…

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