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Posts tagged: For Kids

What VEGAN KIDS Eat!!! (With REAL Vegan Kids!) [For Kids!]

Hi there!  If you’re a kid, and you like tasty food, then this video is for you! (And honestly, this video is anyone who really likes tasty food.)  Today we’re…

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How KIDS Can Save the World!!! [For Kids!]

Hi there! If you’re a kid, then you have the power to save the world!!!  [I guess I should explain that a little.]  Today we’re going to talk about how…

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Real VEGAN KIDS Talk About Being Vegan!

Hi there! If you’re a kid and you’d rather listen to other kids than boring adults like me, then this video post is for you! Welcome to the fourth video just…

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Why Eggs Are GROSS!!! [For Kids!]

If you’re a kid and you kind of like gross stuff, then this video is totally for you!  Welcome to the third video just for kids!  Today we’re going to…

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5 Reasons We Don’t Eat Meat [For Kids!]

If you’re a kid and you love animals, then this post is for you! And really anyone who loves animals, including animals! (although i don’t know if they have Internet.)  I’m so…

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