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Worse Than An Itchy Christmas Sweater | Holiday Update Spectacular

Welcome to a special Christmas—or Hanukah or Kwanza or festive atheism or holiday season or Wednesday—vegan nugget. Nailed it.

So today, I wanted to make a year in review video, looking back at all that’s happened with Bite Size Vegan in 2016. And to be honest, I meant to do one of those last year as well.

I mean that’s what Bite Size Vegan’s about, right? Condensing complex information into engaging bite size nuggets. Veganism simplified.

Simplified but not reductionist. It’s a tall order because there is so very much that needs to be said, so very many who need to be heard and so very, very little time.

I wanted to capture the whole of this year, try to distill it down to the highlights and key points. Leave you with the main take-aways and resources. As well as, of course, linking to the holiday-specific videos, like the Vegan Christmas recipe playlist, Holiday Survival Guide, Twas the Night before Christmas Vegan Remake, and more.

And maybe—even in a small way—convey some sense of what this year’s been like for me as well—because it’s been quite a year.

It was the first year without Ooby, the heart and soul of Bite Size Vegan. In addition to the weekly content, I’ve written and delivered speeches throughout the United States,Canada, Portugal, Ireland and England. I’ve visited slaughterhouses around the world, looked into the eyes of hundreds of living, breathing, sentient beings moments before being murdered. I’ve heard their screams.

The channel has grown, the views and comments and messages and emails increased. But it’s also taken a hit with YouTube’s ongoing subscription and notification issues which continue to persist even now. And when one of the speeches started to take off, YouTube censored it against their own policies. All the while the backlog of tasks has continued to mount.

So it’s because of what a year it’s been that I don’t have that video for you today. The administrative and foundation work behind the scenes of Bite Size Vegan has expanded to such an extent that the videos have become an afterthought by necessity. The very core of Bite Size Vegan itself.

I tried to make a simple outline of the workload and various projects and areas taking so much time away from the videos, but kept ending up with something out of A Beautiful Mind.

That’s ridiculous.

Let me try to bust out a big picture view… [Note: This video relies on things I've written or drawn for explanation and comedic relief, so be sure to watch it for full effect!] One of the main time sucks (that does not sound holiday cheery at all) is team-building. Bringing on a team of volunteers is a priority, but before opening that door, I need to have a system in place for how to match people with the various projects and iron out communication and the like or I’d be spending the same amount of time or more managing than I am now with the projects themselves.

So that takes time and is super boring. I’m sorry.

Part of building the team is finding the best formal structure for Bite Size Vegan going forwards. And that is a lot of paperwork, consulting, phone calls, emails, legal stuff, etc…

Within all of this are a bunch of other sub-tasks and whatnot, but let’s not slide back into the beautiful mind moment….

One of the sub-projecty things recently busted out was a total re-vamp of the Nugget Army page on Patreon. It’s been on my list for many months, and when Patreon asked to feature Bite Size Vegan as a “creator of the week,” it gave me the kick in the pants I needed.

So after a good month or so of hustle with the indispensable assistance of Bite Size Team helper extraordinaire Andrea—she’s from ze Germany, So dass ich manchmal Deutsch sprechen kann, aber normalerweise nicht, da wir über Sachen reden, die mir auf Englisch sogar verwirrend sind—as well as some stellar page-proofing from patrons Steph and Kris.

The page now has greater specificity of goals, updated description and even an infographic of where the pledges go that I’ll be updating as we go along, and improving as I find better ways to quantify with clarity the highly variable nature of Bite Size Vegan.

Wow! Isn't this festive?!

So this wasn’t the holiday special or retrospective I wanted to make. And I may still give the year in review a go, but I wanted to at least give you a glimpse into what’s been going on behind the scenes, and why I’m more absent from social media, even slower to reply (if I even do), and releasing far less content than I have in the earlier years of Bite Size Vegan.

This is all with the long-term in mind of reaching more and more people with more and more free education.

I want to thank all of you for every single view, comment, thumbs up thingy, and especially for sharing the videos and blog posts and utilizing them as resources and teaching tools.

Thank you for your stories of how the videos have sparked change in your life. Thank you for remaining open to change.

Thank you for being patient with me through the growth pains and all of my flaws, failures, and missteps.

I never cease to be amazed at hearing how the videos and speeches have reached people around the world. I can’t wait to get back to focusing on content production. There are so very, very many topics on the list, and so much more to cover.

So happy whatever the heck you may celebrate… or not. (that would make a great card). Do check bellow for resources. And bear with me a bit longer through this phase of growth.

If you want to be a part of the behind the scenes messiness (because this makes it seem so exciting!), come join us in the Nugget Army. We’re pretty cool…okay they’re pretty cool.

Now go live vegan this holiday season, and I’ll see you soon.


see ya next nugget!



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