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Welcome to Bite Size Vegan

Bite Size Vegan is an ever-expanding video-based free educational resource for information on all aspects of veganism.

There is a lot of information and misinformation on veganism out there! Bite Size Vegan makes it simple, fun and approachable, with info-packed “vegan nugget” videos—backed by rigorous research, yet awkwardly entertaining.

From thoroughly researched academic reports, to engaging videos for kids, to moving mini-documentary style videos, Bite Size Vegan provides a wide range of educational approaches for diverse learning styles!

With our hectic schedules and modern attention spans, most of us don’t have the time or energy to research important issues. But who doesn’t have time for an engaging, entertaining video that does the thinking for you?

NEW Video - Alive By Accident | A Documentary in Two Parts (Part One)

No one should have survived this. This short documentary captures an incredible rescue. Visit the crash site, come along on the search for survivors, and watch the impossible take place.


It all started with survivors...

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Is A Vegan Diet Vitamin D Deficient? | Dr. Michael Greger of

Where Do I Get My... ?

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Your Milk’s Mother

The Deal with Dairy

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EGGS: The Extreme Reality

All About Eggs

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Get Pissed About Your Prostate!

Going Vegan for Heatlh

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Is Going Vegan for Health Enough? | Gary Yourofsky

Going Vegan for Ethics

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The Best We Have To Offer? | Inside Ireland’s “Humane” Farming

Going Vegan for the Environment

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Is Lab Grown Meat Vegan?

Is [This] Vegan?

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Life With(out) You | The Story of Ooby The Bulldog

What About Pets?

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Vegan Fitness Model Wins Arnold Classic At 42!!

Vegan Athletes

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Vegan On A Budget: My Top 10 Tips!

Eating Vegan on a Budget

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Learning to Love Horses | One Trainer’s Journey Away From Riding

What About Horse Riding?

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Are We Born Vegan? | Parents Speak

Vegan Parenting

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Do Fish Have FEELINGS? [KIDS Video!]

Vids For Kids

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How Vegans RUIN Halloween!

Vegan Humor

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Kidnapped At Birth | Draw My Life

Through Their Eyes

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The Scariest Thing About Being Vegan

This is going to be a very informal video & post. No screen, no lights. No makeup. Although I never have makeup anyway. I wanted to share with you my greatest fear. It’s something I’ve been facing my whole life, but especially lately.

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Expectation Vs Reality: Smithfield Pork

Are the animals we eat really treated as well as the industry portrays? How would their promotional videos stack up to undercover footage in their facility? Find out in the video above. Take 3 minutes to go behind the scenes at Smithfield Foods, the largest pork producer in the world. If Smithfield lied, can any “humane”…

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EMPTY OCEANS: Is The World Running Out Of Fish?

The health of our oceans is absolutely vital to all life on this planet, including those of us on land. In fact the oceans are the only reason our planet even has life. Earth’s first breath of oxygen came from cyanobacteria over 2.7 billion years ago.[1] But now the oceans are facing total destruction from…

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If you’re one of those people who throws up objection after objection against veganism. If you think loving bacon is enough reason to keep killing pigs, if you think it’s the circle of life or the way of our ancestry or that animals don’t feel, I have a challenge for you. Go to a slaughterhouse.…

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Why Vegans FLIP OUT!

Why is it that vegans can sometimes flip out at the slightest provocation? Why are we so sensitive and hostile? Well I’ve addressed this question once before in my video What Vegans See, and today’s video post will be a slightly different take on the subject. Possibly a little less diplomatic.This video is for my non-vegans…

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WatchMojo Debunks Veganism!

Want to learn how to make a video about interesting vegan facts that subversively gives the vegan movement a kick in its collective gonads?! [tweet this] Great! Let’s get started! We're going to study a video called “Top 5 Vegan Facts” recently released by WatchMojo, the 7th largest YouTube channel with over 10 million subscribers.[tweet this]…

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The Worst Telethon Ever + Come Meet Me Places!

Hi it's Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome to a special vegan nugget. First, to get the full majesty of this video, you'll have to watch it because there is some pretty fabulous sock puppet action, if I do say so myself.  I probably need to explain this. Last May I held a fundraiser…

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There is one thing that unites each and every living creature on this planet. One commonality. One certainty. One fixed event. Regardless of your species or your gender, where you live or what you do for a living. No matter what you eat or who you love. One day, you will die.

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