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Welcome to Bite Size Vegan

Bite Size Vegan is an ever-expanding video-based free educational resource for information on all aspects of veganism.

There is a lot of information and misinformation on veganism out there! Bite Size Vegan makes it simple, fun and approachable, with info-packed “vegan nugget” videos—backed by rigorous research, yet awkwardly entertaining.

From thoroughly researched academic reports, to engaging videos for kids, to moving mini-documentary style videos, Bite Size Vegan provides a wide range of educational approaches for diverse learning styles!

With our hectic schedules and modern attention spans, most of us don’t have the time or energy to research important issues. But who doesn’t have time for an engaging, entertaining video that does the thinking for you?

NEW Video - Alive By Accident | A Documentary in Two Parts (Part One)

No one should have survived this. This short documentary captures an incredible rescue. Visit the crash site, come along on the search for survivors, and watch the impossible take place.


It all started with survivors...

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Is A Vegan Diet Vitamin D Deficient? | Dr. Michael Greger of

Where Do I Get My... ?

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Your Milk’s Mother

The Deal with Dairy

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EGGS: The Extreme Reality

All About Eggs

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Get Pissed About Your Prostate!

Going Vegan for Heatlh

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Is Going Vegan for Health Enough? | Gary Yourofsky

Going Vegan for Ethics

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The Best We Have To Offer? | Inside Ireland’s “Humane” Farming

Going Vegan for the Environment

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Is Lab Grown Meat Vegan?

Is [This] Vegan?

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Life With(out) You | The Story of Ooby The Bulldog

What About Pets?

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Vegan Fitness Model Wins Arnold Classic At 42!!

Vegan Athletes

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Vegan On A Budget: My Top 10 Tips!

Eating Vegan on a Budget

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Learning to Love Horses | One Trainer’s Journey Away From Riding

What About Horse Riding?

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Are We Born Vegan? | Parents Speak

Vegan Parenting

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Do Fish Have FEELINGS? [KIDS Video!]

Vids For Kids

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How Vegans RUIN Halloween!

Vegan Humor

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Kidnapped At Birth | Draw My Life

Through Their Eyes

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Why Wool Is BAAAD! [For Kids!]

If you’re a kid, this post is for you! Today we’re going to talk about why wool is baaaaaaad. [tweet this] (That was me trying to type a sheep's noise…you'll have to watch the video to hear the sheep do it right!) I’m so excited to finally be making another video post just for you.…

Read & Watch More Foie Gras: Expectation Vs Reality

Would a worldwide, well-known supplier like Amazon knowingly sell a product of animal cruelty? Are the animals we eat really treated as well as the industry portrays? Find out in the video above. Take 4 minutes to go behind the scenes at Hudson Valley, a foie gras supplier to If Amazon can lie, can “humane”…

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How To Shut Down A Slaughterhouse [Not Graphic]

There’s a reason we pay others to kill our animals for us. And there’s a reason why the process is kept hidden. If people could see what really goes on inside a slaughterhouse, the world would have a lot more vegans. Activists around the world risk going to prison in order to reveal what the…

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Is Lab Grown Meat Vegan?

Veganism is all about reducing the harm we cause to sentient beings to the best of our ability. This is why we don’t eat animal products. It’s impossible to take the body part or secretion of a living being without exploitation and pain. Or is it? If meat and other animal products could be made…

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Europe’s Dark Secret: Eye Opening Speech!

I wanted to start today with an exercise. I'd like you to imagine that the day you were born, your entire life was already planned for you. In fact, someone else had even decided when you’d be born. They decided who your parents would be and they decided for your parents to conceive you. They…

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Last Embrace of Mother & Child

There are mothers all over the world who are, at this very moment, having their newborn babies torn from their side. This happens day after day, child after child. You may be contributing to this heartbreak with your daily choices. Watch the video above and see the videos linked below to learn more. Help families…

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