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Support Bite Size Vegan: Join The Nugget Army!



I want YOU in the Nugget Army!

Your support of Bite Size Vegan saves animals and changes lives! I need your help to continue spreading the vegan message effectively. BSV is currently a one-woman operation requiring 70-90 hours a week to produce quality educational resources.

There are many ways to support the bite size mission, both financial and not. Join me on the front-line in the fight for the animals!

And to see the difference your support can make, read some of the bite size testimonials!





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Become A Patron

Become A Monthly Supporter- And My New Favorite Person!

As a monthly supporter/patron of BSV in addition to knowing you're supporting work that's making a difference, you also get fun perks including:

* an official nugget army membership card

* personal access to Emily through live hangouts

* access to videos before they're made public plus exclusive content only patrons receive

* steep discounts on products and services

* and much more! plus, you are helping change lives!

By becoming a Patron of Bite Size Vegan, you are saying that vegan education is important and vital work. You are taking a stand for the animals. you are enlisting in the Nugget Army and fighting for the liberation of all beings and the eradication of ignorance-based cruelty.


Make A One-Time Donation

You can also make a one-time donation without receiving anything in return but the knowledge that you've supported work that creates new vegans and arms current vegans with the tools to get active!

If you want more than the warm fuzzies you get for knowing you've made a difference, check out BSV's Patreon page



Support by Shopping




Check out the Bite Size Vegan store for BSV Gear, vegan products of every kind, including vegan pet food, snacks, toiletries and more! 4-10% of each purchase goes to BSV to continue the mission.

One of the most helpful ways you can support BSV is to share the videos and website on any and every platform you can find. Suggest BSV to podcasts, magazines, websites, news outlets, and to influencers and even celebrities for possible coverage, as well as sending one of the more impactful videos.  Also, connect with BSV on social media. By spreading the BSV message, the channel can continue to grow and reach more and more people, creating more and more vegans! this word-of-mouth (or word-of-internet, as it were) is a powerful tool and I'd love your help getting the word out!


Every little bit counts and i'm so grateful for your support! Without you I'm just a vegan in her closet in front of a camera. But together we can change the world!


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