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Posts tagged: activism

I’m Being Censored | YouTube’s War Against Vegans

This isn’t a typical video post of mine, but it’s very important. I wanted to share with you a challenge of unjust censorship I’m facing and ask for your help…

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10 Things You Don’t Know About Me & May Wish You Never Did

I don’t usually get personal on my channel. But when I do… it’s incredibly awkward…for all of us… [for the full dose of glorious, glorious awkwardness, you hafta see the…

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Europe’s Dark Secret: Eye Opening Speech!

I wanted to start today with an exercise. I’d like you to imagine that the day you were born, your entire life was already planned for you. In fact, someone…

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The Scariest Thing About Being Vegan

This is going to be a very informal video & post. No screen, no lights. No makeup. Although I never have makeup anyway. I wanted to share with you my…

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The Worst Telethon Ever + Come Meet Me Places!

Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome to a special vegan nugget. First, to get the full majesty of this video, you’ll have to watch it because there…

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