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Posts tagged: animal cruelty Foie Gras: Expectation Vs Reality

Would a worldwide, well-known supplier like Amazon knowingly sell a product of animal cruelty? Are the animals we eat really treated as well as the industry portrays? Find out in…

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Is Silk Vegan? How Is Silk Made?

With all the considerations vegans must make, one that tends to be low on the list is silk.  The cruelty of meat, dairy and eggs is painfully evident to anyone who takes a moment to look…

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Carriage Horse Controversy: Tradition or Cruelty?

Think of the perfect night of romance.  Dinner at an expensive restaurant, maybe a moonlit walk, or even better, a horse drawn carriage ride under the stars.  You feel the…

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Are Some Cultures More Resistant to Veganism? | Gary Yourofsky

What country, culture, city, religion, or political leaning do you think is the most resistant to the vegan message?  The most receptive?  Is there a particular background or personal history that…

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DO NOT Go Vegan for the New Year!

It’s New Year’s Eve and you know what that means: time to roll out the resolutions.  Maybe yours is to finally ask out your crush, or to be more bold…

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