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Posts tagged: announcement

Live Vegan Q&A Sunday! – Vegan Jobs, Class Dissection, Bullying & More!

This was my first ever LIVE Q&A. And twice in one day, no less! Thank you all SO MUCH to all of you who watched and participated! If you missed…

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YouTube Is Deleting Subscribers — Your Help?

I really dislike making YouTube videos about YouTube, particularly when the title, albeit completely accurate, carries a “clickbaity” connotation. You may have heard of the “bug” in YouTube causing people…

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Come Hear Me Speak — Ireland, England & Online Summit

I wanted to let you all know the details of my upcoming talks. And in the interest of continuing to prepare for said talks, I’m going to try and resist…

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BIG Changes For Bite Size Vegan

There are some huge changes happening with Bite Size Vegan, with the most immediate and obvious one happening next week. I’ll tell you what that is, then the main reasons…

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The Scariest Thing About Being Vegan

This is going to be a very informal video & post. No screen, no lights. No makeup. Although I never have makeup anyway. I wanted to share with you my…

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