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Posts tagged: controversy

Eat & Train Like Vegan Gains |Interview

You may love him, you may hate him, and if you’re at this very moment furiously composing a comment containing the word “bacon,” you’re most likely of the latter camp,…

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The Great Egg Conspiracy: Lies, Corruption & Kevin Bacon

Today’s video is all about the underhanded tactics of the egg industry in the United States.  For decades, the American egg industry battled and continues to battle anyone who dares…

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Why the Yulin Dog Meat Festival ISN’T A BIG DEAL!

The annual Yulin dog-eating festival has once again sparked worldwide outrage and controversy. And as a vegan animal activist working full time to educate people about the rights of non-human…

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Vegan Gains Worst of the Fitness Industry Interview

we all knew this day would come… (Well, at least I knew…and those of you who follow me on social media.) This series is all about vegan athletes and he’s…

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The Freelee & Gary Yourofsky Controversy: Death to Non-Vegans & Human Hating?

I don’t generally comment on controversies within the vegan YouTube community (though it would probably really help my view count)…and when I do (which is now, apparently)…it’s incredibly late (which…

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