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Posts tagged: family

Are We Born Vegan? | Parents Speak

Our societal perception of what is normal and natural tends to be defined by the actions of the majority. As most people grew up eating animal products from an early…

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Vegan Christmas Guide: Recipes, Poetry, Parodies & More!

Welcome to the Bite Size guide to Christmas! Get ready for some holiday guidance, poetry, and general awesomeness of the vegan variety. It’s a Christmas miracle. [tweet this] [Okay I…

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Do I Want Kids, My Childhood, Ethnicity + | Personal Q&A Pt1

Today’s Q&A is a special edition all about my personal business. I decided to open up for questions as a thank you for all of your support! I won’t be able…

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Coming Out Vegan, Hateful Comments & Fake Fur? | Q&A

In today’s Q&A we talk about “coming out” as a vegan when you may be the only one in your class, at work, et cetera, how to deal with hateful and…

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How To Talk To Non-Vegans Without Being An A-Hole

I’d argue that perhaps the most difficult aspect of going vegan is the question of how to relate to friends, family, and other people who are non-vegan.  As brand new…

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