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Posts tagged: food ingredients

Is Cheese Addictive?

One of the reasons I hear most often for not being able to go vegan, is cheese.  I get comments like, “man, I want to go vegan, but I just…

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Is Sugar Vegan?

The question of sugar’s vegan-ness is one that usually comes from the already vegan-conscious- because what non-vegan is checking into the potential animal ingredients in seemingly un-animaly things, really?  Well the…

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Vegan vs. Vegetarian

Vegetarians and vegans are usually lumped together as though they are synonymous terms, but are the differences greater than the similarities?  What exactly separates the two?  And is vegetarianism really…

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Is Soy Feminizing? | Gary Yourofsky Interview

There’s a lot of controversy health-wise around the consumption of soy, especially about the production of estrogen.  With it being such a strong alternative to meat and other animal products,…

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V-Dog Review & Discount For You!

::Before this review on V-Dog, first I’d like to say also that my heart goes out the V-Dog family for their recent loss of their founder and vegan pioneer, David…

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