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Posts tagged: incredible

Can One Person Make A Difference? | Anita’s Story

Can one person make a difference?  Can any of us as individuals really make an impact? With everything wrong in this world, what hope does one person have for creating…

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Open Your Eyes

As a society, we hide the realities of our food industry from view.  We shroud the process in secrecy, interact only with sterilized, aesthetically-pleasing packages.  We tell ourselves our food…

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The Great Egg Conspiracy: Lies, Corruption & Kevin Bacon

Today’s video is all about the underhanded tactics of the egg industry in the United States.  For decades, the American egg industry battled and continues to battle anyone who dares…

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American Ninja Warrior How-To With True Warrior Tim Shieff

American Ninja Warrior is a show where contestants perform insanely demanding physical feats, which seem impossible.  And parkour and free running world champion Tim Shieff is all about seemingly impossible…

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  When you think of someone who is likely to go vegan and start a farm sanctuary, I’m pretty sure the first person to pop into your head is not…

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