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Posts tagged: is this vegan

Is Palm Oil Vegan?

Palm oil is just that: oil from the fruit of a palm tree. Sounds as vegan as anything, right? Well, this most certainly plant-derived oil found in processed foods, makeup,…

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Is Silk Vegan? How Is Silk Made?

With all the considerations vegans must make, one that tends to be low on the list is silk.  The cruelty of meat, dairy and eggs is painfully evident to anyone who takes a moment to look…

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Are Tattoos Vegan? | Guide to a Vegan Tattoo

We vegans can be an expressive and passionate lot.  And a number of us–like any number of any grouping of people–like to express that passion with visual representations in the…

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Is Alcohol Vegan?

When initially going vegan, it’s all about eliminating meat, dairy, and eggs.  Then, as time goes on, you start to learn about other issues, like honey, wool, sugar, horse riding, medication…

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Is Medication Vegan?

Do you have dry skin?  Do your eyes itch?  Have back pain?  Constipation?  Can’t stop sh*#&ing? Can’t get it up? Gnarly toe fungus?  Premature…y’know?  Hair where you don’t want it? …

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