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Posts tagged: is this vegan

Is Sugar Vegan?

The question of sugar’s vegan-ness is one that usually comes from the already vegan-conscious- because what non-vegan is checking into the potential animal ingredients in seemingly un-animaly things, really?  Well the…

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Is Birth Control Vegan?

Believe it or not, most forms of birth control are not vegan.  That’s right: there are animal bits all up in your naughty bits.  A while back I did a…

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Are Oysters Vegan? | Gary Yourofsky & The Vegan Black Metal Chef

Ever heard of an ostrovegan?  And no, it’s not a vegan ostrich–it’s a vegan who consumes bivalves like musses and oysters.  There is much debate as to whether this an…

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Woman riding a horse in a field at sunset

Is Horse Riding Cruel? Is It Vegan?

Updated Note: For insight from an insider, I highly recommend watching this interview with Ren Hurst, who rode, trained and traded horses. It’s part of the horse ethics series. What’s the…

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Was Hitler A Vegetarian?

If you ever have an extended conversation about veganism, and maybe even one not so extended, there are two things that I guarantee will be brought up: Bacon and Hitler. …

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