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Posts tagged: morality

Open Your Eyes

As a society, we hide the realities of our food industry from view.  We shroud the process in secrecy, interact only with sterilized, aesthetically-pleasing packages.  We tell ourselves our food…

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This Speech Will Change How You See Everything

If you’re concerned about the state of our world, if you love animals, if you care about the environment, if you want to be healthy, and if you want to…

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In Defense of Cecil The Lion’s Killer

There’s been a worldwide outcry about the unjust killing of Cecil the lion with hundreds of thousands protesting this horrific act. But are the violent actions of Walter Palmer, the…

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Why Eggs Are GROSS!!! [For Kids!]

If you’re a kid and you kind of like gross stuff, then this video is totally for you!  Welcome to the third video just for kids!  Today we’re going to…

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Why the Yulin Dog Meat Festival ISN’T A BIG DEAL!

The annual Yulin dog-eating festival has once again sparked worldwide outrage and controversy. And as a vegan animal activist working full time to educate people about the rights of non-human…

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