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Posts tagged: natural

Are Tampons Vegan? Are They SAFE?

Menstruation. Your Period. Aunt Flow. women*’s Trouble. That Time of The Month. Coming Into Womanhood. The Crimson Wave. The Red Badge of Courage. Flying Your Colors. The Invasion of the…

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Are GMOs A Vegan Issue? | Gary Yourofsky

Are genetically modified organisms, more commonly known as GMOs, a vegan issue?  Does purchasing foods containing GMOs contribute to the animal products industry and harm the vegan cause?  In this…

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Vegan Vs Paleo ft Gary Yourofsky

One of the most heated dietary debates is that of vegan vs Paleo.  You can find countless knock-down drag-out fights on every online social platform between die-hard members of each camp. …

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Horse Riding Cruelty: Effects of the Bit

There’s a saying that “a harsh bit in good hands can be mild, and a mild bit is only as harsh as the hands controlling it.”  Is it truly a matter of…

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Make Your Own Vegan Lip Balm: No Exploitation Necessary! (Ooby Assists)

I’ve made my own chapstick for quite some time now.  Today I share with you how to make your very own in this quick tutorial, with Ooby the bulldog as…

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