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FREE Online Vegan Summit With Important People & Me!

Do you like free things? Do you like amazing vegan experts like Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Neil Barnard, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Kip Andersen…

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Deadly Nutrition: The REAL Dietary Killers | Dr. Michael Greger

When it comes to nutrition, and especially when it comes to vegan nutrition, we tend to focus on what we’re not getting enough of and the dire consequences of nutritional…

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Iodine & Thyroid Health for Vegans | Dr. Michael Greger of

Iodine may not be on your radar immediately when going vegan–it’s a non-metallic trace element most people think of as a pre-surgical topical application, for which it is used.  But…

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B12 On A Vegan Diet | Dr. Michael Greger of

If there’s one nutrient that every vegan is interrogated about, it’s most likely protein.  But after protein, it’s vitamin B12.  Today’s video post is the sixth in the “where do…

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Is A Vegan Diet Vitamin D Deficient? | Dr. Michael Greger of

Vitamin D is of course associated with the sun, but with estimates of around 70 percent of the population being deficient, we’re apparently not getting the exposure we require.  Now…

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