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Posts tagged: pets

V-Dog Review & Discount For You!

::Before this review on V-Dog, first I’d like to say also that my heart goes out the V-Dog family for their recent loss of their founder and vegan pioneer, David…

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How to Sneak A Bulldog Into A 4 Star Hotel

Ever wondered if you could sneak a 50lb bulldog into a 4 star hotel?  Well, now you know!  This is the first vlogget covering the “Ooby Reunion Mission” trip from…

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Can You Love Animals AND Eat Them?

are you a self-proclaimed “animal lover?” do you rescue countless dogs and cats, volunteer at your local shelter, petition for saving endangered species and circulate online calls to action for…

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Can Pets Be Vegan? What’s Really in Pet Food?

Today we’re going to look at how we are feeding our pets to death. 53% of adult dogs and 55% of adult cats are overweight or obese. Believe it or…

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The Problem With Breeding Pets

In this post and the next, we’re going to address two aspects of the same topic: the fact that we are literally loving our pets to death! Let’s take a…

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