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Posts tagged: vegan diet

What A Vegan Ultra Athlete & Registered Dietitian Eats In A Day | Matt Ruscigno

We vegans tend to talk about food and nutrition a lot, whether by our own interest or in answering the frequent questions we receive about where we get x, y,…

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How to Be Vegan in the Military | Sergeant Alexander Contreras

Being vegan can be challenging. Being in the military can most definitely be challenging. Being vegan in the military…well you see where I’m going with this. Well, I’ve received questions…

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The Makings of A Vegan Bikini Pro Competitor | Samantha Shorkey

Some people go vegan to get a killer bikini body. Others go vegan for ethical reasons and then get a killer bikini body and use it to promote veganism by…

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Zinc Deficiency & Male Emissions | Dr Michael Greger of

When you go vegan, you, or more so the people who know you, will most likely have nutrient- related concerns prior to zinc.  But, it usually does arise after the…

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How NOT To Make Someone Vegan

  When you’re newly vegan, and sometimes even when you’ve been vegan for a while, your passion for your new-found (or established) way of life knows no bounds.  Like, literally…

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