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Posts tagged: vegan food

This Speech Will Change How You See Everything

If you’re concerned about the state of our world, if you love animals, if you care about the environment, if you want to be healthy, and if you want to…

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How to Eat Vegan for Endurance | No Meat Athlete

When training for or competing in endurance sports, what you eat often matters more then how you train. Matt Frazier is the founder of the virally popular blog No Meat Athlete,…

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Pale, Weak & Vegan? Getting Iron In A Vegan Diet | Dr. Michael Greger of

One of the most common stereotypes we vegans come up against is that of the weak, pale, iron-deficient anemic vegan.  Dietary iron is strongly associated with meat consumption, particularly red…

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Got Calcium? Dairy-Free Vegan Calcium Sources | Dr Michael Greger of

We’ve all seen the commercials, the subtle white mustache, the iconic two-word question: Got milk?  Milk, and dairy in general, is marketed very strongly as a champion of bone health, mainly…

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Vegan Winter Food Haul [On My Bike!] + Why I Don’t Talk About What I Eat

I’ve had some requests to do a food haul so I figured…why not?   I try my best to make content that I believe is engaging and important on an ethical,…

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