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Posts tagged: vlogget

What I Do With Roadkill + Hanging With You in A Sleazy Motel

What do you do when you see “roadkill”?  It’s a pretty common site in our world, one many of us become numb to by necessity or simply lack of awareness. …

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Vegan Road Trip Finale: Stalking Celebrities And Bulldog Homecoming

This is the third day of the three-day road trip to bring my beloved vegan bulldog Ooby to Florida (where I’m currently living) from Iowa (where I was living).  Come…

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V-Dog Review & Discount For You!

::Before this review on V-Dog, first I’d like to say also that my heart goes out the V-Dog family for their recent loss of their founder and vegan pioneer, David…

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Roadside FAILS | Crazy Road Trip Day 2

Join me for the second day of the ridiculous road trip to retrieve Ooby the bulldog from Iowa!  My friend and fellow bulldog-lover ,Renee, and I flew up to Iowa…

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Vegan Q&A | Do You Want It?

What do you think about me doing some Q&A videos now and again?  It is completely up to you!  you can ask me anything about veganism, myself, Ooby, or anything…

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