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Posts tagged: what vegans eat

What VEGAN KIDS Eat!!! (With REAL Vegan Kids!) [For Kids!]

Hi there!  If you’re a kid, and you like tasty food, then this video is for you! (And honestly, this video is anyone who really likes tasty food.)  Today we’re…

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Eat & Train Like Vegan Gains |Interview

You may love him, you may hate him, and if you’re at this very moment furiously composing a comment containing the word “bacon,” you’re most likely of the latter camp,…

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What A Vegan Ultra Athlete & Registered Dietitian Eats In A Day | Matt Ruscigno

We vegans tend to talk about food and nutrition a lot, whether by our own interest or in answering the frequent questions we receive about where we get x, y,…

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How to Be Vegan in the Military | Sergeant Alexander Contreras

Being vegan can be challenging. Being in the military can most definitely be challenging. Being vegan in the military…well you see where I’m going with this. Well, I’ve received questions…

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Eating Vegan for Athletic Performance | Meat Free Athlete

the stereotype of the weak pale vegan is quite tired, though strangely persists when it comes to fitness.  The idea that meat and animal byproducts are necessary for strength and…

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