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Real VEGAN KIDS Talk About Being Vegan!

Hi there! If you’re a kid and you’d rather listen to other kids than boring adults like me, then this video post is for you! Welcome to the fourth video just for kids and the first featuring real vegan kids from around world! I’m so excited to be making another video post just for you! And I’m even more exited to introduce you to my friends: some awesome real vegan kids! [tweet this post]

If you don’t already know, being “vegan” means you don’t eat animals or anything they make. If you want to know why anyone would want to be vegan, check out my videos for kids so far. We’ve talked about why we don’t drink milk, or eat eggs or meat.  You can find links to those up there and down below if you want to watch them later.

Maybe you want to stop eating animals too.  Well, instead of boring you with me talking the whole time I thought it would be really fun to talk to kids all over the world who are vegan.

Because here’s something a lot of adults seem to forgot: you kids are really smart and you often say much smarter things than most adults! [tweet this]  So now it’s time for me to be quite and let these super-smart, incredible vegan kids tell you why they don’t eat animals!  Let’s meet them all first:

  • Elvis, who’s 3 and a half years old and lives in Hawaii in the United States.
  • Kevin, who’s 13 and is from England and the Philippines, and is currently living in Bahrain.
  • Lilah, who’s 8 and Lex who’s 6, both from Massachusetts in the United States.
  • JoJo, who’s 4 years old, from London, England.
  • Lexie, who’s 13 from the Southern United States.
  • Ronya, who’s 14 and Oli, who’s 8, both from Waiheke Island in New Zealand.
  • Carolina Ali, who’s 13 and from Tennessee in the United States.
  • Dylan, who’s 6.5 from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Now that you know their names, let’s hear why they don’t eat animals!  Just so you know sometimes it may be hard to hear everyone because we were talking from really far away, so you can always turn on captions and I’ll put text up at the really hard parts.  If you can’t read you can ask an adult for help.


Elvis: “I don’t eat animals because it’s bad for my body.  And guys, it’s good not to eat animals, but…”

Ellen [Elvis’ Mom]: “How come?”

Elvis: “Because animals are our friends!”


“I’m vegan for a number of reasons mostly to do with animal rights.  Now does it make much sense to be eating animals or their secretions if you love them?  But of course, then there's environmental reasons–you know, without the earth then not going to be us.  Now, there [are] going to be no humans if we don't have a place to live so.  So of course that’s very important.  Of course, my health–I've always considered myself a healthy person, but now that I'm vegan, I am much more healthy.  And then probably the last big reason is other people. You know, going vegan can end world hunger and world thirst and of course everyone wants that to end.  Going vegan helps not only animals but other people as well.”


“I’m vegan because I care about the animals, and the environment and especially my health.”


“[My] main reason [for being vegan] is ethical reasons, because I don’t think it's our right to be doing things to other animals just because we think we’re the better species, which we’re really not.

“I went vegetarian when I was seven because we got chickens, kinda for pets, but Dad wanted to eat them and get their eggs and stuff.  And I didn't mind the eggs because I didn’t really see what was wrong with that, but I didn't want to eat them because I fell in love with them and they had names and such, so why would I want to eat them?  And then I made the connection, you know, just because the other ones don’t have names, that I know, doesn’t mean they’re any less special.” [tweet this]


“Because we don’t want to kill animals.  We want them to live their own lives.”


“I watched Gary Yourofsky’s speech and I went vegan overnight.  I guess I always thought hunting was wrong growing up around hunting, and I never kind of made the connection that it was kind of the same thing, me eating meat and hunting.  So I went vegan overnight after watching Gary’s speech because I just realized it was the right thing to do and that was the way that everybody should be vegan–it’s the only way to live.”


“I went vegan mainly because of you.  The family wasn’t very supportive, but they’re getting better.  We made it to veganism.  We fought the fight and we won.”


“Because they just hurt them and just kill them.  They want them to play around in the spring and the summer, and they want to live all lovely in the wild!”


“Because my family…we believe that animals should have the rights to be happy like us.  I went vegan when I was about maybe two because my family thought we needed eggs but then we discovered that we just don’t need them and animals are happier when we’re vegan.”


“‘Cause I don't want to kill animals and I and I don't want other people to kill them for me.” [tweet this]

I so hope you enjoyed hearing from real vegan kids! If you’re vegan too, I hope this help you know you’re not alone.  And if you want to be vegan and not eat animals, I hope this shows you that kids just like you are able to do it just fine!  Stay tuned for more videos just for kids, including more videos with everyone we met today.

Most of my guests have their own channels here on YouTube or appear on their parents channels, so check out their links bellow so you can head over and subscribe to them for more awesome vegan kid content!  And a huge thank you from me to each and every one of my guests and to you for watching!

Now I’d love to hear from you too in the comments!  Do you eat animals or are you vegan too?  Do you want to be vegan?  Let me know!

See ya next nugget!







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