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What VEGAN KIDS Eat!!! (With REAL Vegan Kids!) [For Kids!]

Hi there!  If you’re a kid, and you like tasty food, then this video is for you! (And honestly, this video is anyone who really likes tasty food.)  Today we're going to hear from real vegan kids about what they favorite foods are and how tasty being vegan can be! [tweet this]  I’m excited to be making another video for you with my friends, some awesome vegan kids from around the world.  

If you don’t know already, being vegan means you don’t eat animals or anything that comes out of them, like milk, yogurt, cheese, and eggs.  Now that may sound kind of boring, but that’s why I wanted to make this video—to show you how yummy and exciting vegan food can be! [tweet this]

So far in my videos for kids we’ve talked about why we don’t drink milk, or eat meat or eggs, and heard from real vegan kids about why they're vegan, and even talked about how you can be a superhero for the planet, the people and the animals by being vegan.  Basically when you don’t eat animals, you’re making your body healthy and strong, you’re helping animals by letting them live free and happy and you’re saving the environment.  (I told you you’re a superhero!)

Now that you know how amazing being vegan is, it’s kind of important to talk about what vegans kids eat, right?  Well, these days you can make all of your favorite foods vegan from pizza and cookies, to lasagna, pancakes, burritos, ice cream and even versions of scrambled egg and fish sticks without the eggs or fish! [tweet] And of course all kinds of sweet and juicy fruits are vegan too!

Now we’re going to hear from some real vegan kids about their favorite foods.  In case you missed their first video, I’ll introduce them again, plus we have two new kids to meet!

  • There’s Elvis, who’s 3 and a half years old and lives in Hawaii in the United States.
  • Kevin, who’s 13 and from England and the Philippines, and currently living in Bahrain
  • Lilah, who’s 8 and Lex who’s 6, both from Massachusetts in the United States.
  • JoJo, who’s 4 years old, from London, England.
  • Lexie, who’s 13 from Southern United States.
  • Ronya, who’s 14 and Oli, who’s 8, both from Waiheke Island in New Zealand.
  • Dylan, who’s 6.5 from Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Carolina Ali, who’s 13 and from Tennessee in the United States.
  • And two new kids: Ryan, who’s 4 and James, who’s 11, both from Rawtenstall, England

Now let’s hear what their favorite foods are! Just so you know sometimes it may be hard to hear everyone because we were talking from really far away, so you can always turn on captions and I’ll put text up at the really hard parts.  If you can’t read you can ask an adult for help.


“Avocado and coconut meat and jackfruit and durian. …  I love my fruits and veggies. You don’t need to eat animals like us.  You just eat fruits and vegetables!”


“My favorite food is watermelon, and Medjool dates, apples, and potatoes.”


“My step-dad makes a vegan burger. It’s got like, fake bacon.  It’s got lettuce. … My mum also makes some [vegan] prawns, which were really nice, and yes, so that’s my favorite food.”


“I like vegan chili.”


“Dumplings!  Dumplings, as long as I have some vegan things in it. And they’re not fried with meat oil or anything.”


The Vegan Zombie’s chicken pot pie is absolutely amazing so I have that pretty often. It’s really good.”


“I have 3 favorites! Veggie burger, pasta, and hummus.”


“I don’t know what my favorite dinner is.  I have lots of favorite foods.  I kind of like experimenting with stuff and Dad sometimes cooks like, you know, nice dishes that he experiments with and stuff.”

Jo Jo



“I really like it when my grandmother makes me vegan Um, leek and potato casserole with biscuits.”


When I’m in Asia, fruit, cause here where I live in Bahrain, all the fruit’s pretty horrible and not sweet. But while I’m here, potatoes, rice and curries, because curry is amazing.


“My favorite food is veggie fingers and…chips!  And vegetarian burgers.”

I hope you enjoyed hearing about some tasty vegan food from real vegan kids!  If you’re not vegan I hope hearing what vegan kids eat was helpful and if you are vegan, maybe you got some new ideas!  Not eating animals isn’t just good for your body, the planet, other people and the animals, but it also tastes really good too!

Now if you live somewhere where you can’t find plant milks and veggie burgers and stuff like that, I have recipes below for making your own!  I also have links for those of you in the United States and Canada to help you and your family find fresh fruits and veggies if you have trouble with that too.  You can find those linked there and down below as well along with loads of tasty kid-friendly vegan recipes.

Most of my guests have their own channels here on YouTube or appear on their parents channels, so check out their links bellow so you can head over and subscribe to them for more awesome vegan kid content!  And a huge thank you from me to each and every one of my guests and to you for watching

Now I’d love to hear from you too in the comments!  What’s your favorite food?

If you liked this video post, please share it around to help other kids learn about being vegan!

see ya next nugget!





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  1. Laura-Lee Davis on September 22, 2015 at 2:13 pm

    Please add me to your newsletter. I have recent become vegan along with my pooch Patty.

    • Emily Moran Barwick (BiteSizeVegan) on September 30, 2015 at 10:59 am

      Hi Laura-Lee! You can sign up for the newsletter by using the form at the bottom of the post or the one at the top of the website ;) SO glad to hear you’re both vegan!

  2. Molly on September 23, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    I am just getting started on being a vegetarian I am 10 years old my name is Molly

    • Emily Moran Barwick on November 10, 2018 at 8:17 pm

      Hi Molly! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m so excited to hear that you’ve gone vegetarian! I hope the kids videos I’ve made so far can be helpful—if you want to see all of the ones I’ve made so far, you can go here (scroll for them all to load) :) Much love to you and thanks for commenting!

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