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Vegan Library of Awesome

Vegan Library Of Awesome


Technical Update/Note: The website is currently not as navigable as needed. This page was one of my earlier efforts to increase ease of finding and accessing content. A full “overhaul” of the site has been needed for a while and is a major priority and goal. Currently, the cost of this overhaul is currently beyond the means of the Bite Size Vegan. Every effort is being made to make it possible. If you'd like to help support this goal, you may donate through Paypal or join the Nugget Army on Patreon. Thank you so much for your patience!

Bite Size Vegan is an ever-growing free education resource about all things vegan.  A vegan video library of sorts (only you can be as loud as you want here!) I'm constantly striving to make the content more navigable and searchable. So think of this page as the card catalog (if you're old enough to know what that is!).

Below you will find videos organized by series, topics, interviews, and video types. (Click on a book to jump to that section)  Each expandable area contains an embedded playlist of multiple videos. Most if not all of these playlists are in progress as each series grows.  You can also find these playlists on my channel on YouTube.

You can use the arrows on the base of the player to navigate from one video to the next, or click the icon in the upper left corner to see the list of videos in the playlist.  Every video has it's own accompanying blog post, so if you want additional resources or citations for a video, see the link below the embedded playlist. (This is only available on some of the playlists.)

Finally, if you prefer, you can use the open search, tag, or category drop-down menus to the right. Also find



Click here to jump to Topical SeriesThe videos in these playlists cover a specific topic (e.g. eggs, fish, hunting), questions (e.g. “is ___ vegan?”), or series (e.g. history of veganism, vegan nutrition concerns, vegan athlete series, draw my life).



Click here to jump to thematically grouped playlistsThe videos in these playlists are grouped by theme (e.g. ethics, environment, health & nutrition) or by intended viewer (e.g. the best for non-vegans wanting to learn more).

Interview Series Playlists BookThe videos in these playlists are all interviews with incredible people! (e.g. Gary Yourofsky, Dr. Michael Greger, elite vegan athletes, incredible vegan kids).

Video Types PlaylistsThe videos in these playlists are grouped by video type or style (e.g. Speeches, Q&A, pure educational videos, vlogs).

Quick Library Orientation & Viewing Guide

Topical Series Playlists
The History Of Veganism
Is (This) Vegan?
Draw My Life (Through The Eyes of The Animals)
Vegan Kids Video Series
Expectation Vs Reality
The Dark Side of Dairy
All About Eggs
Fish Ethics
Pets & Veganism
Horse Riding Ethics
Common Hunting Myths
Vegan Nutrition Concerns (With Dr. Michael Greger)
The Vegan Parenting Series
Animal Testing Series
Vegan Athletes Series
Animal Hero Kids Series

Thematically Grouped Videos
Vegan Ethics & Morality
Vegan Social & Environmental Impact
Vegan Health, Nutrition & Fitness
Vegan Lifestyle: It's For Everyone! (Food, Attitude, Etc)
The Most Important Videos I've Made (When You Want To Cut Through The Fluff & See The Truth For Yourself)
Recommended Videos For Non-Vegans (Though ALL Of My VideosAre For You, These Are Special Selections)
Vegan Humor
The Vegan Experience: Social Situations, Struggles, & More
Vegan Travel & Staying Vegan On The Road
The Cruelty Free Christmas Collab
Epically Ethical Thanksgiving Dinner

Interview Playlists
Gary Yourofsky Interview Series
Dr. Greger of
The Vegan Athlete Series
Animal Hero Kids Series
The Vegan Parenting Series
One-Off & Non-Serial Interviews

Video Type Playlists
Pure Vegan Nuggets (Buckle Up for Some Serious Vegan Education)
Vegan Speeches & Q&A Sessions
Vegan Q&A and FAQ
Vegan Recipes, How To & Beauty
Vlogs & Informal Videos
The Big Beastie: All the BSV Videos In Chronological Order