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Bite Size Podcasts-Vegan Audio Magic



Check out the the incredible podcasts on which I've had the honor of being a guest or garnering a mention! When this post is at the top of the blog that means there's a new one!  (Newest to oldest below):


Curiously Veg Radio Podcast



OHH podcast
[I am mentioned in the vegan YouTuber section around 1:41:44]

animal sounds radio

Big Fat Vegan Radio








Not Your Milk Podcast


Animal Voices Radio


Nerd Out Podcast


Hang Out With Me Podcast Myq Kaplan


The Vegan Revolution [Second Appearance]:

The Vegan Revolution [First Appearance]:


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  1. Jennat on 02/5/16 at 9:10 am

    Hey Emily. I’ve been a vegan for about three months now with constant scrutiny from my family. Recently they’ve been nagging about it a lot and telling me to quit being a vegan. I never liked meat in the first place and my parents know that. But they keep thinking I need to drink milk to be healthy. I have expanded to them on what goes on in the milk industry and how calcium and “good skin” is in no way limited to cows milk. They say that I’m speaking nonsense. My mum said that if I don’t “get over” this vegan thing soon she’s gonna make my decision for me cause she’s my mother and has “the authority to do so”. I’m seriously in a rut and I really need some help as to what should I do. Anything is appreciated.

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