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Shit Vegans Deal With

Questions and comments every vegan gets at some point.  Maybe the very questions you’ve always wanted to ask a vegan!

Also, a couple answers every vegan’s dreamed of giving, but usually just smiles and nods. ;)  And, just for fun, a Kendall Jones reference.

The Questions:

  • What’s in fake meat and cheese?
  • What about protein in a vegan diet?
  • Is a vegan diet healthy?
  • Do plants have feelings?
  • Is semen vegan?
  • Is breast milk vegan?
  • Is honey vegan?
  • What about lions? They eat meat so why can’t I?
  • If you’re a lesbian, and a vegan, can you eat —?
  • What about wool?
  • What about silk?
  • What about leather?
  • What about down pillows?
  • What if you were on a desert island…
  • What if the only way to save a person’s life was to eat a piece of meat?  Would you do it?
  • What if you took a bite of a veggie burger and then found out it was a real burger?
  • If you’re a Catholic, and a vegan, and you really believe that the Eucharist is the flsh and blood of Jesus Christ, can you eat it?

Some answers to the questions/concerns posed:


Can You Love AND Eat Animals?

What’s in Food

What About Plants?


Is Veganism Healthy?

See ya next nugget!







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1 Comment

  1. EconomicDemocracy on 12/5/14 at 4:17 am

    My second favorite BSV “spoof” piece (after the Veganizer, of course! :-) but what brought me back here today is…I had heard the silly questions about “breast milk” and “semen” before but…(warning: don’t eat a meal after reading this..) but this one is new to me:

    that’s right, as Deb reports: “I recently left a large vegan discussion group here on Facebook for one reason – the dozens of posters in a thread on the subject of eating human placenta. They were seriously discussing drinking the placenta in a smoothie within hours of giving birth, keeping it cool and sending it off to be dried and made into capsules, placenta and umbilical cordor even ripping of a chunk and placing it by their gums within minutes of birth.”

    On a positive note, I discovered above website, which looks neat,..I’ve heard of “By Any Greens Necessary” but this BlacksGoingVegan I just found tonight by finding the above crazy article..worth spreading word about :-)

    Got curious and found also VegLatino, MyVeganVida, JewishVeg..(tried to find “Asian American” plus “vegan” and mostly found ad by PETA wanting to hire someone, “Title Asian-American Vegan Outreach Coordinator” on appone..)

    Word is spreading, we are diversifying, growing stronger day by day, week by week, month by month :)

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