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YouTube Coaching


[[PLEASE NOTE]]: Due to high volume of clients, traveling for speeches, and my work load, I'm not currently taking new clients.

I'm also working on developing an online academy with courses on going vegan, staying vegan, and getting active. This way I can help more people than I'm able to one-on-one.

If you'd like to be notified when 1:1 coaching and/or the online academy open, but sure to sign up for the Nugget Newsletter via the navigation bar at the top of this page. You'll also get a free eBook out of it, so that's pretty cool!

Thank you for your interest in working with me and I look forwards to getting to know you!



When I started bite size vegan I didn’t know if anyone would see my videos- I just wanted to try and make a difference in the world. Since the day I sat on the floor in front of my computer and awkwardly recorded my first YouTube video, I’ve learned a lot.

I believe that YouTube is an incredible platform for reaching people and creating change and I want to help you spread your message to the world. You can make a difference and your voice deserves to be heard!

I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way in my YouTube journey thus far and learned what works and what doesn’t (and am learning more every day!) I’ve also worked with professional YouTubers to expand my skill set and I want to pass all of this along to you!

Working on your mentality and your message is just as important as the technical aspects of your YouTube channel and I can guide you in both arenas.

After each Skype session, I will send you a summary of the topics discussed with further resources and tasks.
Areas we can address include, but aren’t limited to:

➢ finding your voice (what is your message, who are you speaking to?)
➢ knowing your goals (what is your purpose?)
➢ video SEO (tags, titles, descriptions, search ranking)
➢ optimizing channel appearance (banner, icon, playlists)
➢ effective use of annotations and in-video programming
➢ how to create a consistent, effective brand for audience retention and subscribership
➢ video content and focus
➢ the nuts and bolts of YouTube
➢ understanding analytics
➢ monetization strategies
➢ should you have a website and how to develop one

The level of detail we go into depends on the package you select and your needs dictate what topics we cover:

I offer three different coaching options**


★ One-Time Coaching Session- $95:

1hour Skype session
1 week unlimited email contact
A “quickie” evaluation of your channel (or idea for one), where you want to go with it and how I can help. I will give you a snapshot of effective practices. If you want to get in-depth and learn how to build an engaging channel and navigate the YouTube platform effectively, check out one of the packages below, which are far more involved.

★ 30 Day Coaching Experience- $375:

4 one hour Skype sessions
30 day unlimited email communication
in-depth action plan for your channel
In 30 days we can really build the foundation for a strong, effective, and subscribable channel. laying the groundwork with the “behind-the-scenes” of your channel is essential to your success.

★ 60 Day Coaching Experience- $680:

8 one hour Skype sessions
60 day unlimited email communication
in-depth action plan for your channel
With 60 days, we can delve even deeper into other topics such as developing your brand/message off of YouTube with a web presence, monetizing your content to create income, creating a strong presence on social media, how to promote your videos effectively, and more!


If you’re ready to find your voice and spread your message get in touch and we can get going!


**I do offer discounted plans for those in financial difficulties- just contact me and we can work something out!