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Do Fish Have FEELINGS? [KIDS Video!]

Hi there! If you’re a kid and you like the Little Mermaid, love to listen to a good Shark Tale, want to Free Willy or Find Nemo…[by the way I totally find him in the video, so be sure to watch!]… or maybe you’re a fan of fish sticks, goin’ fishin’, or just think something…

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EMPTY OCEANS: Is The World Running Out Of Fish?

The health of our oceans is absolutely vital to all life on this planet, including those of us on land. In fact the oceans are the only reason our planet even has life. Earth’s first breath of oxygen came from cyanobacteria over 2.7 billion years ago.[1] But now the oceans are facing total destruction from…

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Do Fish Feel Pain?

The debate over the ability of fish to feel pain is quite intense within the scientific community and I’m going to do my best to summarize the slew of available research on both sides.  I have to be honest, going into this video I figured I’d read a couple articles and write up a script. …

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I Don’t Need No Fish Oil!|Omega 3’s On A Vegan Diet

I recently had my omega fatty acids tested and wanted to share the results with you!  Now when you’re vegan, almost every medical professional that you run in to, and a lot of random people, will always be seriously concerned about your Omega-3’s. and you are going to hear something like: “I see here that…

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Welcome to Bite Size Vegan Bite Size Vegan is an ever-expanding video-based free educational resource for information on all aspects of veganism. There is a lot of information and misinformation on veganism out there! Bite Size Vegan makes it simple, fun and approachable, with info-packed “vegan nugget” videos—backed by rigorous research, yet awkwardly entertaining. From thoroughly researched…

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