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Founded upon the belief that everyone deserves open access to solid, factual information on issues impacting their health, our planet, society, and the lives of other sentient beings, all of Bite Size Vegan's educational content, resources, and speeches are provided completely free of charge.

Bite Size Vegan relies entirely on the generous support of viewers and readers like you to continue its mission.

Your contribution helps cover the ongoing costs of a digital-media-based educational nonprofit, including ample data storage and management demands, server, software, hardware, and website design and development costs, and operational expenses.

With proper funding, Bite Size Vegan could also address significant and pressing long-standing staffing needs, which would allow for further growth, expanding the reach of free vegan education!

Bite Size Vegan is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization—
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Bite Size Vegan removes many of the existing barriers to reliable information, allowing the public to evaluate for themselves issues which directly impact their health, our planet, society, and the lives of all sentient beings.

Everything Bite Size Vegan provides is completely free: all of the videos, articles, and downloads are open to all, and speeches are delivered free of charge. All of the content and resources are purposefully tailored to modern methods of information consumption to increase access to right-to-know information that is otherwise buried under mountains of information, disinformation and misinformation, hidden behind paywalls, or requiring more time and/or research experience than many individuals have or can afford.

Bite Size Vegan is a Guidestar Platinum Level Participant, the highest level of recognition offered by GuideStar.

As Bite Size Vegan is not directly soliciting donations from any specific states, regions, or countries, all donations are made voluntarily at will.