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11 Clever Vegan Halloween Costume Ideas | Last Minute DIY

Are you a vegan doing the “holy Tofurky it’s almost Halloween and I don’t have a costume” scramble? [tweet this] Do you need something fast but want to make sure it’s in line with the epic vegan-ness that pervades every aspect of your life including your concepts of costumery, however last-minute they may be? Well have I got a solution for you!

Well, eleven, actually.

It’s happened to all of us: you know Halloween is coming and figure you have plenty of time. Then all of a sudden it’s All Hallows’ Eve Eve and you’ve got nothin. While you need something simple and quick, you still want it to be at least halfway decent. And if it could—as a bonus—convey something about veganism, all the better! [tweet this]

Well, I figured: “I have two masters in art—surely I can come up with something!” (Prepare yourselves for the culmination of my years of higher education—you’re welcome in advance.

Be sure to check out the video for the full costume visuals, but here are the descriptions:

Costume Concept Number One

SUPPLIES: Basic white shirt. Black marker. Sheet of paper or cardboard or poster board. Optional flair: Eyeliner pencil or similar makeup device, not really my area of expertise.

INSTRUCTIONS: With the marker, draw “moo-cow” spots on the shirt. With the eyeliner pencil or similar makeup device, draw a spot or two on your face. One the paper, cardboard or poster, write a sassy message. Message suggestions include, “Go Milk Yourself,” the slightly sassier “Go Milk Your Own Mother,” the classic “Not Your Mom, Not Your Milk,” the feminist “My Body My Milk,” the a-la Chic-fil-A “Eat More Plants,” or more macabre “Eat More Humans.” You get the picture.

The next three are famous vegans costumes.

Costume Concept Number Two

SUPPLIES: Bed sheet.

INSTRUCTIONS: Wrap it around yourself.

Kick it BCE Style cause You’re Pythagoras. Not only did he advocate not eating animals all the way back in 4th century BCE, he also refused to wear wool or animal skin.

Bring it to the modern day with…

Costume Concept Number Three

SUPPLIES: Bald cap. White T-shirt. Glasses.

INSTRUCTIONS: Swagger. [tweet this]

You’re Gary Yourofsky.

Alternative variation of this costume: long curly wig. Loose-fitting hoodie-ish garb. You’re G Spot, Gary’s rapping alter ego of the early 90’s.

Make it medical with…

Costume Concept Number Four

SUPPLIES: Lab coat or oversized white button down T-shirt. Neck Tie. Glasses. Optional eyeliner pencil or similar makeup device.

INSTRUCTIONS: Don all of the aforementioned items and draw on a goatee-esque beard if you want the classic look. You’re health-bomb dropper Dr. Michael Greger of

Now we’re moving on to some food concepts with…

Costume Concept Number Five

SUPPLIES: Super simple: White poster board. String. Marker.

INSTRUCTIONS: Hang poster board around neck. Write “Extra Firm Tofu.” Optional “Organic.”

And equally simple is…

Costume Concept Number Six

SUPPLIES: Trash bag. Scissors.

INSTRUCTIONS: Cut out three holes and put it on. You’re a raisin. Want to be fancy about it? You’re a date.

Now for a political bent, we have the next two concepts.

Costume Concept Number Seven

SUPPLIES: White or black shirt. Sunglasses. Marker. Masking tape. Unrelenting and baffling passion to preserve the purity of mayonnaise to the point of near food eugenics.

INSTRUCTIONS: With marker, write “Mayo Police” on a shirt or masking tape if using a black shirt. Don sunglasses and look displeased with the world.

You’re the FDA-backed mayonnaise companies who tried to take down vegan alternative Hampton Creek for daring to make mayonnaise without eggs. Learn your backstory here.

Costume Concept Number Eight

SUPPLIES: Your regular clothes.

Optional supplies: a vegan message T-shirt and/or vegan message button and/or educational flyers about veganism. If outside of the United States, add an American flag.

You are a terrorist in accordance with the American Enterprise Terrorism Act. Learn of your crimes here.

Costume Concept Number Nine

SUPPLIES: White T-shirt. Dirt. Coconut oil or similar greasy substance. Keyboard, real or a cardboard-created masterpiece. And an additional piece of cardboard.

INSTRUCTIONS: Rub dirt on the white T-shirt and optionally on your person. Run coconut oil or greasy substance through your hair. Apply liberally. Attach cardboard perpendicular to keyboard or your cardboard-created keyboard. Disagree with and criticize everyone you interact with but refuse to talk to them except from behind your facsimile computer hideaway.

You are an internet troll. For a slight variation, answer every question and end every argument with the word “bacon” as though you’ve produces the ultimate intellectual trump card.

For the ultimate slacker with a side of smug we have…

Costume Concept Number Ten

SUPPLIES: Vegan message T-shirt.

INSTRUCTIONS: When asked what you are, say “someone who gives a d—-.” For the slightly less-smug, added humor option, follow this with, “Or at least enough of a d— to wear a clever T-shirt.”

And for the grand finale…

Costume Concept Number Eleven

(which I demonstrate in the video)

SUPPLIES: Cheap Dracula teeth. Eyebrow liner or similar makeup device. White T-shirt. Black marker.

INSTRUCTIONS: Insert fake teeth. Draw whiskers on one side of your face and stay with me it’s about to get weird, a flower Twiggy style with a tear drop under it on the other, and, trust me, a mini Hitleresque ‘stache and a unibrow. On the T-shirt, draw a little island with a palm tree and a chicken. On the back draw three slightly spaced out wavy lines.

Congratulations. You are now the embodiment of the most common arguments against veganism:

I hope you enjoyed hearing my last-minute vegan Halloween costume concepts. I’d love to hear what you thought and especially if you try any of them out. What are you going to be for Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

see ya next nugget!






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  1. Dave Kruemcke on October 31, 2015 at 11:04 pm

    Hi Emily,
    I know I haven’t written you before but I’ve been watching “Earthlings” and I’m feeling pretty emotional and overwhelmed right now.
    I vowed to become a lifelong vegan after watching Gary Yourofsky’s video…. at that time the most graphic depiction of animal abuse I’d ever seen.
    So here I am a new vegan and fledgling animal rights activist
    Feeling totally overwhelmed at the psychopathology of
    our violent, bloodthirsty society… and how this evil is actually
    considered “normal” (and vegans are the freaks ”
    I know I’m rambling… but I’m a grown man sitting on his bed
    crying over what I’ve just witnessed.
    I know how busy you are (I love your blog and videos….
    I always like and share them) but I had to share these
    feelings with someone.I

    You’re great :)
    Thanks for listening !


    • Emily Moran Barwick (BiteSizeVegan) on November 2, 2015 at 4:59 pm

      Hi Dave! Thank you so much for sharing. And there is NO shame in crying over these atrocities. It’s honorable and a testament to your willingness to NOT look away as so many do. The fight is long and hard, but always worth it.

      Much love!

  2. Bethery on November 1, 2015 at 6:11 am

    Love the costumes!! Very clever.

  3. Rebecca Allen on October 30, 2016 at 2:33 am

    Laughed and enjoyed the costumes! Thanks so much! I may go with the last one. Thank you for caring!

    And Dave, thanks for caring. It will get better.

  4. Tara on October 22, 2018 at 11:26 pm

    I cry EVERY NIGHT thinking of those poor chickens having to lay eggs for NO GOOD REASON other than they literally have to. Like if that egg is a baby chicken as soon as it is laid and if we don’t destroy it right away it will become a chicken .. that someone will eat! We need to stop this egg laying or else vegans lose.

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