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A Word On Vegan Douchery (Why Are Vegans A-holes?)

There is this thing in the vegan community I'd like to refer to as “douchery.”  It's when people have the elitist attitude that only certain people can be vegan.  Let me assure you everyone, there are enough animals to not kill, and enough cruelty to not inflict for all of us.

Do you really think that an animal in need is going to say “Whoa wait, you're a Republican? Pshh, turn your conservative ass around and let me die.”  More likely they'd be thinking, “I don't even care if you think you pooped out the whole of the universe, and that you are actually our reigning fecal lord, just get me the hell out of here!”

If you really want to fight for the animals, let everyone come and play.  There is enough room in veganism for all of us.  Now if you find every word coming out of my crazy tattooed ass a little sketch, first off, you're not alone.  There's an amazing text called “dominion” written by Matthew Scully who was the senior speechwriter for President George W. Bush.  And despite some of our formative presidents more memorable speech faux pas, Mr. Scully makes a compelling and intelligent argument for animal rights from a conservative perspective.

Now really, who's it going to hurt to let in people who are different?  Certainly not the animals, it's only going to help them.  The only thing it can hurt is your ego.  If you're in it for the exclusivity.  I'm talking to you, stereotypical vegan, who works as a barista and always wears a politically provoking t-shirt, and serves up every cup of coffee with some attitude, and a heavy dose of liberal arts education induced superiority.

Now I do think it's pretty superior to not be inflicting pain on other beings, but can't we all share in that awesomeness?  There are vegan Christians, vegan conservatives, vegan Republicans. when it comes down to life-and-death, does it really matter?  So come on vegans, stop it. stop, being, douches.

See ya next nugget!

See ya next nugget!








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  1. Claire on July 4, 2015 at 3:25 am

    When I clicked on this video I thought it would be a comment on how a lot of vegans are douches…to everyone. Not just other vegans.
    My partner and I have recently gone vegan and we actually want to call ourselves something else due to the stereotypical elitist snobbery and often aggressive conversations that one can have with some vegans. It’s no surprise that all vegans are painted with the same “you must be so angry and hateful because you’re deprived of nutrients and hungry all the time” brush by meat eaters….leading to of course, false impressions.
    Do you have any ideas for why many vegans are like this?
    We’ve decided to just say we’re on a “plant based diet” in public…and leave it at that!

    • Emily Moran Barwick (BiteSizeVegan) on July 7, 2015 at 11:14 am

      This is meant to speak to that as I’m talking about being non-welcoming to would-be vegans who aren’t there yet and how that can sometimes keep people away. The anger comes from the utter injustice of it all and the incredibly overwhelming and heart wrenching agony of what the animals are going through every minute and how our planet cannot sustain this way of eating much longer. I think it’s too much some time to be in touch with that and see others not care. I spoke to that in this video.

  2. Carolina on February 11, 2016 at 9:26 pm

    Geez!!! I had no idea!!!!! wow! Glad that I could see it!

    Thank you! and will share

  3. Tisha on July 28, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    Based on the dates of the prior comments this video was from at least a year ago, however it was something I enjoyed seeing today. I was actually told by several people today on (Facebook) VegNews magazine that I could not possibly be vegan because I am a conservative. I actually asked one person if he would feel better if I went out today and ate a whole cow. It is so extremely frustrating. Why can’t I be a conservative Republican accountant in the suburbs who loves animals??? Oh well thanks for your video. It made me feel better.

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