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Can You Retain Muscle and Strength on a Vegan Diet?

so…can you retain muscle and strength on a vegan diet? even when not working out? even when not working out for SEVEN months?

let's take a look at my lazy ass attempting to do some strength training after a 7 month hiatus from the gym.
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  1. louise on May 7, 2014 at 9:40 pm

    to torontopigsave
    i m at the chicken slaughterhouse in vancouver protestin each friday am-
    since it all starts with animal mothers on farms

    does any group address the need to convert the farms to other non animal production
    there is OVER production of grains
    and livestock-which is then forced upon the 3rd world nations as charity livestock donations which poor peolple are forced to buy and feed and water them-theres been suicides among these receivers of charity-
    and cullin is the ever present solution applied
    to keep prices rising-govt officials own shares in these industries-taxpayers own shares too thru crown owned investments,canada bonds,certificates etc

    thnx 4 yr help
    i wish to support the protestin at animal farms

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