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Is Soy Feminizing? | Gary Yourofsky Interview

There's a lot of controversy health-wise around the consumption of soy, especially about the production of estrogen.  With it being such a strong alternative to meat and other animal products, it seems that it can be a stumbling block for people to going towards veganism, especially men who get worried about the feminizing hormones.  In this interview, vegan activist Gary Yourofsky give his two cents on the soy controversy.

To hear his full answer, be sure to watch the video, but here is a nugget:

“Let's for a second to say that the estrogen found in soy was a problem.  Here's why the whole soy thing is bullshit.  Because meat has the same amount, to twice the amount of estrogen.  Especially when we are killing the female animals, which are containing estrogen of course.  Dairy has the same amount, cow's milk, to twice the amount of estrogen.  So how come these people who are condemning the consumption of Boca burgers, veggie burgers, and other soy products, aren't telling people not to consume meat and dairy?”

Following up on the soy subject, Gary addresses GMOs in a video exclusively available to Nugget Newsletter members!  If you want to hear Gary's take on GMOs, check out the VIV Area here on BSV where I've posted his answer to this issue.  You can sign up for your free access in the form at the foot of this post.



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  1. Friderike on October 15, 2014 at 6:37 pm

    Dear Emily,

    I am a German fan of yours and Gary’s. :) Thank you for your work.
    I am responding to your question about the size of the nuggets. I think it’s perfectly fine if you go longer than five minutes. I think you shouldn’t put yourself under any time pressure. I would also watch your show if each session were ten minutes or more.
    Love from your vegan fan Frid (and her vegan dog Rudolph)

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