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Gary Yourofsky: Banned International Terrorist

What do you think you would have to do to be labeled an international terrorist?  What would it take?  Assassinations?  Bombings? How about freeing animals?  How about giving living beings on death row a chance at life?  How about liberation?  Believe it or not those are the actions that led to Gary Yourofsky‘s classification as an international terrorist and his being banned from several countries.  He tells you all about it in this interview.

To hear Gary's full response,  be sure to watch the video, but here is a choice nugget:

“Nobody could believe that I was in this place [prison] for letting animals free.  For giving them a chance not to be killed.  But that's how messed up this world is man look at all of the people throughout history that everybody admires collectively. Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Dr. King and Gandhi, all sentenced to prison.  All radical lawbreakers.  When you try to bring peace and justice to the oppressed, you are labeled a terrorist, you are imprisoned, or you are assassinated.  Quite a world we live in.”

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