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Banana Cream Date Pie Recipe | Raw Vegan & Raw Till 4 Versions!

The good thing about making little bite size pies, is that if you eat the whole pie…you don't really have to feel that bad about it. :)  Today's video is part of a cruelty-free Christmas collab between me and eight other channels.  The last collab I put together was the epically ethical thanksgiving dinner and you guys seemed to just eat that right up!  (Ha…eat it up…cause it was about food).  So this time around, I thought I’d try my hand at a recipe!

If you know me, you know I like to keep things really simple, and my last recipe video of raw vegan pecan pies certainly made that evident.  Today’s recipe video post is going to be a little more complex.  But not too much.

We’re going to make a banana cream date pie and I’ll share with you several different variations of this recipe.  Some are raw vegan, and some are a little more in the raw till four category.  Your typical banana cream pie contain eggs and butter, both byproducts of severe animal suffering.  And ingredients that are not too kind on your insides either.  Plus those recipes are pretty complex to make, at least compared to what I do.  So there's that added element of animal suffering with all the work you have to put into them.  And yes, I did just…call you an animal.  But my recipe is cruelty-free on all fronts, including you!  So let’s get to the ingredient.

All you need for the raw vegan version of this is bananas, dates, and pie tins.  You can do either do a full size pie or rock it out bite-size style with a mini-pie.

For the more raw till four version, you can add whichever kind of vegan milk you want and graham crackers to your list of ingredients, as long as they aren’t honey graham crackers.  And yes, there's a reason for that.

I’ve tried making this pie a variety of ways and there is the eat-it-now version and a wait-a-bit version.  I'm sure you know which version I prefer.  For the eat-it-now version, you’ll want your bananas to be pre-frozen.

For your crust, there are two different directions you can go: if you want to go more classic taste to your pie and you're not a strict 80/10/10 raw vegan, you can use a graham cracker crust.  And for your raw vegan crust, take some of your dates, remove the pit, and tear them in half.  Then use the halved dates to line the pie tin.

For your pie filling, in the eat-it-now version you want to grab your frozen bananas and you can use either a blender or a food processor, whichever one you have and are more comfortable with. As far as how many bananas to use, you can just kind of eyeball however bit your pie tin is.  If you're going to be making a full-size pie, you'r going to want more.  If you want a more classic cream taste to your banana cream pie, this is where you can add some vegan milk, particularly if you use a vanilla flavored kind, which will give you a sweeter taste pie.  If you want to stay on the more 80/10/10 raw vegan side of things, just add a little water.  And another option if you really want to sweeten up the filling of your pie, you can add some dates to the mix of your filling up to your sweetness preference.

Blend it all up. and now you have your pie filling! Pour the filling into your pie tins and you can dive right in there!  If you want to save some for later (maybe you’ve made a big pie), you can store them in the freezer in an airtight container.  That is also what you can do for the eat-it-later versions.  And you make those simply by following the exact same steps but using fresh bananas and pouring those into your pie tins and then leaving them in the freezer until they're hard enough and chilled to serve.

I hope you enjoyed this simple bite-size banana cream pie recipe. Feel free to try all of the different versions that I talked to you about and make up some of your own.  And definitely let me know how they turn out!  You can even send me a photo on instagram @bitesizevegan.  Now head on over to see the rest of the cruelty-free Christmas collab videos for more tasty ideas for your holiday feast!

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