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My Vegan Tattoo Experience!

So a while ago, I did a full tattoo tour and showed the beginnings of my leg piece. I started it well over a year ago now and then moved to a different state. But recently, I had the chance to drop by my artist, the bearded magnificence that is Sean Wilcox, and get the rest of the animals added.  Then recently I released a more informational video on whether tattoos are vegan with a guide to getting your own vegan tattoo.  So I thought now I’d do a bit of a mix and take you along for my own vegan tattoo experience. [tweet this]

As this is a vlog video, I'll let you check it out and not write a whole bunch in this post as I'm mainly narrating the action that's occurring within the video itself. But i will say this:

The inspiration behind this particular tattoo was animals breaking free from their abusers with a vengeance. They have a look of determination in their eyes that says “no more.” It’s a fantasy of mine and I think it’s safe to say, every animal imprisoned in animal products industries to take back what’s theirs, and regain their freedom. [tweet this]

So check out the process in the video and  I hope that you enjoy this little inside look into the making of a vegan tattoo! Let me know in the comments!

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  1. sally anne hubbard on June 5, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    Wow, amazing tattoos, I am so glad they are of animals.
    You are brave, I am too scared. Thank you for teaching people about vegan tattoo ink.

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