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How to Work Out At Work & My Amazing Transformation!

want to work out but can’t leave work?  Need exercise but can’t pry yourself away from your computer screen?  Want to get lean and fit and ripped without putting forth any effort whatsoever?  (Okay, that last one…might be a little unrealistic.)  Well, do I have the solution for you!  (To the first two, not the…not the last one.) [tweet this]

To really get the full effect of this post, I'd recommend watching the video for my compelling delivery.

To keep Bite Size Vegan up and running, I generally work 12 to 18 hour days, mostly on the computer.  So, I have to get kind of creative to stay in shape.  Now, I’m not the only person who pulls long hours for their job and wants to stay fit, so today I’m to share with you my solution: the bite size bike desk!

No longer do you have to choose between your work and your workout.  No longer do you have to spend valuable time away from your computer.  No longer do you have to spend time in the fresh air…obsessing about that e-mail you need to send.  With the bite size bike desk it’s possible to type and bike simultaneously! [tweet this]

Welcome to the future.

And if you want to know what kind of results you can expect, take a look in my before and after pictures: [tweet this]

before and after shot


Can’t believe your eyes?  Well check out the time-lapse video of me working on the bite size bike desk compiled over a one month period and seamlessly stitched together to show my incredible progress.  (See the video up top!)

So get off your butt…Or actually stay right on it and get to tyking! or biping? [typing + biking] [tweet this]

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my bike desk.  Be sure to check out the video for the actual tour.  And you can see what I used to build mine linked up at the bottom of this post!

You can always feel free to ask me questions or request videos on certain topics.  I can’t always get to them right away, but I do my very best to kind of circle back and get to them as soon as I can.  If you’re not already aware, on my channel, and on really anyone’s YouTube channel, there’s a little magnifying glass search icon you can use, and you can type in any topic to see if I’ve done it. and on the upper right of this site's sidebar, you can search by a tag, or a category, or just do an open search and type in any words you want.  I also have a bunch of playlists that I’ve created to cover specific topics.

Now get out there (or stay in, I suppose) and get active!

See ya next nugget!







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  1. sally anne hubbard on April 3, 2015 at 2:59 pm

    Good video and information for workouts.

    I love Oodie.

  2. The Vegan Junction on April 3, 2015 at 10:44 pm

    Love the “before” and “after.” ;) A great way to get things done! Thanks for sharing all the info on how you set up your bike-desk.

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