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Vegan Ruins School Lunch

What happens when high school students ask a vegan animal rights activist about the government's role in animal agriculture? Let's find out:

I had the honor of speaking in two classes at the Passaic Valley Regional High school in New Jersey. I was invited to spend some time with a passionate vegan student Alyssa Landi her attentive peers who listened to me ramble on quite a bit about all manner of animal rights and vegan topics.

This is part of a unique class called ‘Contemporary Issues Through Video Conferencing’ run by Ms. Kathleen Menake. The class invites guests speakers to utilize technology to create an interactive classroom and speak with individuals in diverse fields all over the world.

I wanted to share a segment from one of the classes. I apologize in advance for my rapid speech in the video above—I was really excited to try to fit in as many vegan ‘nuggets’ as possible in these 45 minute classes. As always, captions are available on the video.

I've provided below point-by-point resources for the main areas covered in my response as well as additional resources and links to primary citations covering the remaining questions from both class sessions at the base of this post.[1]


Featured Question: Explain the relationship that our government and governments in general have with the animal agriculture industries and regulatory bodies—including money that might be exchanged, conflicts of interest, etc.


Point-by-Point Featured Resources:

(Again please see video for full response)


▶︎➤ Governmental self-regulation of standards (example of soaking chicken carcasses in “fecal soup”)

What's REALLY In Your Food (addresses “fecal soup”)

Humane, Free-Range & Cruelty-Free (addresses CFEs: Common Farming Exemptions)

When Veganism Is A Crime (corruption and conflict of interest within government and the animal product industry, primarily from the health perspective; addresses more than the Italy bill in question)


▶︎➤ What protection and treatment governments & laws ACTUALLY provide the animals we eat

The Best We Have To Offer (Primary citation resource: My most in-depth look into idealized humane farming practices. Rather than delving into the abuses or animal cruelty in agriculture, the speech and article take a hard look at “the best we have to offer” and respond to “well, it's not like that here” with an examination of what it is like here. Includes the EU legislation I referenced in this post's video.

Why I'm Anti-Animal Welfare (Summary examining the laws & what is “standard practice”)

Europe’s Dark Secret (Primary citation resource: My speech from Portugal; includes much of the EU legislation, however not as in-depth as the Ireland talk. Provides varied information and insights)

Sex With Animals | The Blurred Lines of Bestiality (More in-depth on the “humane method” of slamming baby pigs' heads on the concrete and what is “abuse” vs. “standard practice”)

More on the “Humane” topic


▶︎➤ Standard practice in DAIRY industry (serial impregnation, babies taken after birth & males shot/bludgeoned/sent to veal industry/females kept for milk.)

More on DAIRY

Why Diary Is Never Humane

➣ Last Embrace Of Mother And Child

Kidnapped At Birth (See Through The Eyes Of Mother & Child)

Explaining Milk To Kids

Banned Milk Commercial

Moms Defend Rape, Kidnapping & Murder!


▶︎➤ Standard practice in EGG industry (grinding up male chicks, confinement and genetic manipulation of layer hens)

More About Eggs

Why Eggs Are Never Humane

What About Backyard Chickens?

The Great Egg Conspiracy

Explaining Eggs to Kids

See Eggs Through A Hen’s Eyes

15 Easy Egg Substitutes


▶︎➤ Standard practice in PIG industry (slamming baby pigs against the concrete, cutting off their tails, clipping their teeth & ripping out testicles without anesthetic, brutal death in gas chambers)

LIVE At A UK Slaughterhouse and Gas Chamber (see my live stream footage from the gas chamber near Manchester)

The Nicest Way To Die (see inside the gas chambers)

36 Hours Without Water (through a pigs' eyes)

Sex With Animals | The Blurred Lines of Bestiality (More in-depth on the “humane method” of slamming baby pigs' heads on the concrete and what is “abuse” vs. “standard practice”)

Slaughterhouse Vigils

▶︎➤ Vegan Speech Posts

For the most thorough citations, you can always utilize the speeches as a “hub” of sorts. They are all listed here.

Please see below for additional resources on a wide range of topics. Each post will have links to additional posts, with the thoroughly researched ones providing detailed citations and bibliographies.

I want to thank Alyssa, Ms. Menake, and both sessions of Contemporary Issues Through Video Conferencing for welcoming me into their class and allowing me the opportunity to share this information. It was such a privilege.

Learn more about CITVC via the links below.

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Now go live vegan, and I’ll see you soon.

see ya next nugget!



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▶︎➤Connect With The Class (Contemporary Issues Through Video Conferencing):

CITVC Website



Passaic Valley Regional HS

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES for REMAINING QUESTION (See the blog posts of each for citations to primary sources)

▶︎➤In regards to the question about culture/tradition considerations, I mentioned:
➣ My video on Halal & Kosher Slaughter
➣ My speech in Portugal
➣ My speech in Ireland


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Holocaust Survivors Speak [or on YouTube]

Through The Eyes Of The Animals (Draw My Life) [or on YouTube]

More on EGGS [or on YouTube]

More on DAIRY [or on YouTube]


Addressing Wool (original wool video | kids wool video)
[original on YouTube | kids video on YouTube]

Honey (this version was made for kids)[or on YouTube]

Milk (kids video | illustrated video | case study video)
[kids video on YouTube | illustrated version on YouTube | case study on YouTube]

Silk [or on YouTube]

The Most Important Videos I've Made [opens on YouTube Playlist]

Recommended Videos For Non-Vegans [opens on YouTube Playlist]



Everything Wrong With Environmentalism in 11 Minutes Or Less [or on YouTube]
Empty Oceans: Is the World Running Out Of Fish?
[or on YouTube]


Nutrition Concerns Series With Dr. Michael Greger [or on YouTube]

➣The Men's Health Series [or on YouTube]

The Real Dietary Killers [or on YouTube]

How Not To Die [or on YouTube] [or get the book]


Easy Egg Substitutes

How To Be Vegan On A Budget

Kids Video Series
[or on YouTube] (+ more to come!)

Parents Interview Series [or on YouTube] (+ more to come!)

Dealing With Non-Vegan Friends & Family [Gary Yourofsky]

Being Vegan in A Non-Vegan Household [Colleen Patrick-Goudreau]

How to Answer Concerned Parents

My Parents Won't Let Me Go Vegan!



➤Find all of my speeches this far here [or on YouTube]

➤You can also explore my content on this page or search my channel on YouTube or see the playlists

see ya next nugget!



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[1] I’m first to admit my complete lack of technical prowess. The videos and posts from the early days of Bite Size Vegan do not contain the detailed citations of my later content as I was unfamiliar with (almost) any technology. I have long-intended to go back through older content and provide solid references, but currently do not have the ability time-wise to do so on my own. Whenever possible, I will link to later videos with citations—however, some early videos contain the most relevant information for expanding upon a given point. I just wanted to provide clarification and transparency as to the current lack of rigorous references on older posts. Please feel free to submit any errors or request sources through the website contact form at the base of the site. I cannot say at what point it will be possible to back-cite all posts, but please know it is a high priority in my mind and hindered only by my own time limitations

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