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Roadside FAILS | Crazy Road Trip Day 2

Join me for the second day of the ridiculous road trip to retrieve Ooby the bulldog from Iowa!  My friend and fellow bulldog-lover ,Renee, and I flew up to Iowa from Florida to bring Ooby down to where I am living now.  It had been almost 6 months since I'd seen Ooby.  You can watch the underwhelming reunion in day one of the trip.

Day two was, overall, a day of failure from a pure productivity standpoint.  We didn't make it very far on the actual road, but we did have some interesting roadside experiences.  We happened through Metropolis, IL, a town that has officially declared itself the “home of Superman.”   The gas station we stopped at had cutouts of both Superman and Wonder Woman that you could place your head on top of for a photo-op.  So, naturally, we decided to hold Ooby up to wonder woman.  it was not entirely successful…

After that fruitful endeavor, we resolved to really get some actual travel under out belts!  Not being a “country girl,” Renee was fascinated by the hay bales in the farmland we were driving through.  She decided that she wanted to climb atop one of them.  So, hours behind schedule after trying a shortcut that ended up being a dead end, I spotted a hay bale near the side road we were on.  And hilarity ensued.

I hope you enjoy watching this ridiculous day. :)

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