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The Worst Telethon Ever + Come Meet Me Places!

Hi it's Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome to a special vegan nugget. First, to get the full majesty of this video, you'll have to watch it because there is some pretty fabulous sock puppet action, if I do say so myself.  I probably need to explain this. Last May I held a fundraiser spurred by an anonymous donor who offered a 1:1 match up to $1,000. This was the second fundraiser of its kind and for the first, when we hit our goal, I did a victory dance and posted it on the channel. For the second, I asked what you wanted to see and jokingly suggested a video with sock puppets. Somehow this caught on in the comment section, but never materialized. Until now. You’re welcome.

So, the same anonymous donor has contacted me and seriously upped their game. They’re now offering a 1:1 match up to $5,000 over the next 2 months. Now if you’re like me, you’re thinking “holy vegan nuggets, that’s a lot of money.” And wait till the end for suggestions of what I should do if it’s met.

As you may or may not know, I work on Bite Size Vegan full time. Actually more than fulltime. Usually around 90-100 hours a week. Some videos take over 100 hours to produce, like the Vegans In the Renaissance: The History Of Veganism Part Three, which took 103 hours over a 5 day period.

Now I know talking about money isn’t fun. Or at least not for me, so I though I’d let this little guy do the talking.

Just kidding. Now you’re so relieved that this will seem less painful by comparison! So I will be talking about money a bit, because it’s only fair to explain what this fundraiser would be applied to. But then I have other announcement towards the end about when you can meet up with me and stuff!

With the growth of the channel, the upkeep expenses have also grown. This ridiculously generous anonymous donor has opened an opportunity for some exciting possibilities.

I’m in a position I never dreamed I’d be in. I’m working on animal activism every day of my life. And as much as I feel I never do enough, I have messages every single day from people and whole families who have gone vegan because of my videos, and vegans who have themselves started speaking up.

I’m still amazed that anyone watches.

Because I quite med school and any form of income to throw myself into Bite Size Vegan activism fulltime, there’s still about a $2,500 hole left from the initial eight or so months I totally winged it without any money coming in. I’ve been paying that down little by little but this drive would get everything into the black.

With the ever-expanding data storage needs of Bite Size Vegan, I’ve invested in dropbox and a cloud backup service and filled up some externals as well. I need to get some new externals to ensure duplication and proper storage.

The video editing and storage burdens my computer, making it rather cumbersome. I currently have several externals and had 3 fail in one day a number of months ago. With this funding drive, I could purchase a Western Digital My Book Pro to use as a working drive and use the other externals as backups. This drive typical retails for around $900 and two portable drives for travel and backups would be around $350-$400 each.

Now the most exciting possibility this fundraiser well, raises, is that of speaking. It’s long been a dream of mine to follow in the footsteps of my friend and mentor Gary Yourofsky and speak at schools.

I receive message all the time asking if I can travel to one place or another, even internationally, to speak. Currently, I can only accept local events or ones where they can assist with travel expenses. I never charge to speak.

If we raise the funds in this drive, I’ll be able to travel and speak in many areas. For instance, I will be returning to Toronto in June to attend the March to End Slaughter, where I'll be speaking, and a 24 hour vigil with Toronto Pig Save. (see the video of my last vigil here)

I’d far prefer no organization having to shell out their much-needed money for my expenses. I could drive there for around $375 to $400 for a week’s rental and gas, or fly for slightly more.

A typical speech trip, which ideally would include several classes if it’s at a University, would average between $800-$1,000, or more if going oversees. This all depends on the length of the trip, cost of flights, which varies by distance, and of accommodations. I tend to look for the shadiest of hotels to stay in, much to the horror of my mother.

The cheapest flights are in the $300-$400 range, cheap hotels can be even as low as $30 or so a night, with rental cars between $25 and $50 a day, and cost of food varying but never exceeding $120 for a trip.

So if we take the average of all of this and say $900 per trip, and the remainder of the drive funds ($5,800), I’d a fund available for between 6 and 7 trips, each of which would have multiple talks.

Using my mentor Gary’s original method, I can also reach out to Universities and professors and offer a free talk, which many are happy to have. It could be a Bite Size Tour!

Gary has always said speaking in classes is the way to go as when people put together voluntary attendance events, only vegans tend to show up. So that would be my ideal, to speak in classes.

So some exciting news is that before my upcoming Toronto trip, which will be from around June 10th to about the 16th, I have two other talks.

On March 16th, I’ll be speaking in Lisbon, Portugal at an event delightfully titled “How To Cook A Dog.” If you’re near Portugal, I’d love to meet you!

If you’re stateside, in May I’ll be speaking at Rowdy Girl Animal Sancutary in Texas for their annual fundraiser. Rowdy Girl is the sanctuary run by former cattle rancher Renee King-Sonnen, who I interviewed on my channel here. The info for that talk is below as well.

So, that’s all the numbers! If you’re still with me, you can suggest what you’d like to see me do if we meet this astronomical number. I was thinking I could do one of those 10 Things You Don’t Know About me videos, but I’m open to any suggestions. Don’t be gross.

If you want to help reach this astounding goal to get Bite Size Vegan in the black and on the road, check out the donation link here and below. If you can’t give, I still so appreciate all of your support when you watch, comment, share and like the videos. That does so much to help get the message out there.

Thanks for sticking with me through this video and this crazy journey. I’m amazed how far I’ve come but never satisfied or slowing down. There is too much suffering and injustice to ever yield.

Let’s keep being an effective voice for the animals. Together, we can change the world.

To see the kind of content you'd be supporting, please see some of my select videos below. And thank you for your support in whatever form it takes!

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Meet Me Here:
Lisbon, Portugal March 16th
Rowdy Girl Sanctuary May 21st
Toronto around the 10-16th or so of June: March and Vigil



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  1. Debbie P. on February 19, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    I’m not seeing a video? Just the transcript and the comments section – no video. :(

  2. ktkickass on February 20, 2016 at 8:47 am

    Emily, you are amazing, astonishing, I love your work, your energy, your efforts and I back you up 100%! I would love for you to come visit B.C., Canada. I would pick you up at the airport and you could speak at the High School in Whistler, the elementary schools if you wish, we could pick some Vancouver schools and the universities. You could stay in a condo free for the nights you are here, so no expense there. And I have family in Victoria, so you could speak at the schools there and the University of Victoria as well (I’ll pay the ferry for us). Again, no expenses for accommodation. I could cook up some awesome meals for you! Anyway, put that on your list of “to do’s”! ok? Thank you so much for all that you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have started my own blog, as has my daughter, and I try to always encourage veganism wherever possible. xo

  3. Life Diet Health on February 28, 2016 at 12:14 am

    Emily… OMGosh you are coming to Europe! I would love to come and meet you in Portugal that’s so near! (okay so it’s over 2000km away)! What are your plans? How long are you staying? :)

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