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Why Vegans Have Better Sex & How You Can Too!

Have you ever heard that vegans have better sex?  Well, its true! going vegan may be the best thing you could do for your sex life.  There are countless reasons to become vegan, from animal rights to the environment, to boosting your performance in the sack!  Here are six of the ways a vegan diet benefits you in the bedroom.


1. Increase Blood Flow

Going vegan is like running Roto-Rooter through your arteries.  Diets high in animal products, and thus fat, not only restrict blood flow by narrowing your arteries, but also pump your body full of synthetic hormones and antibiotics.

Reduced blood flow becomes an issue for obvious reasons: You need sufficient blood flow to your nether regions in order to “perform” and enjoy.  This applies to women as well, as we need sufficient blood flow to experience sexual arousal and multiple orgasms.

The synthetic hormones in animal-products can mess with your body’s balance and, for men, lead to a lower sperm count, as well as increase your risk of testicular tumors.  And there is nothing like a tumor to kill the mood.

Plus, a vegan diet usually leads to the loss of excess weight, making you sexier and more able to perform the more athletic positions, not to mention the increase in penis length when it’s not couched in fat.

2. Boost Energy

For energy in the sack and marathon sessions between the sheets, you need foods that provide sustainable energy.  Fruit, in particular is fantastic for this as it is packed full of whole-food carbohydrates, the very fuel on which your cells run.  Unlike processed sugar, fruit doesn’t give you a “crash” but rather provides a sustained release of energy.  Plus, fruits like bananas contain potassium, which aids in the production of sex hormones.  And, in general, not being weighed down by the bodily and dietary fat of a diet high in animal products tends to give you a boost!

3. Increase Natural Lubrication

The body requires water to stay hydrated and this extends to the production of natural lubrication. A vegan diet, which includes fruits and vegetables, can aid in increasing lubrication for women due to the high water content of produce.  This has the added bonus of hydrating your skin for less wrinkles and dryness.  Nothing keeps the party going like not having to reach for the lube!

4. Increase Libido

What you eat can’t help but affect your libido.  You often hear of certain foods acting as aphrodisiacs.  For example, many vegan foods are rich in zinc and B vitamins, which are said to increase desire and testosterone.  And aside from the nutritional boost, there are the other components of being vegan that we’re discussing:  The smooth skin, increased stamina, weight loss, heightened energy, pleasant smell, et cetera, which all contribute to a raging libido.  Plus, there’s just something sexy about eating in a cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly way.  It’s just hot.

5. Smooth, Silky, Sexy Skin

Skin is kind of important in sex.  And feeling comfortable and confident in your skin is just as important as the feel of your skin itself!  A vegan diet covers both.  Once again, its fruits and vegetables for the win when it comes to healthy skin: Being rich in vitamin C, a vegan diet is ideal for collagen metabolism, resulting in an increase of our skin’s elasticity.  As mentioned above, the high water content of fruits and vegetables also help in hydrating your skin, making it smooth and soft to the touch.  Then there are the antioxidants in many fruits and veggies, which can fight the signs of aging by kicking free radical ass.  A vegan diet also improves acne and can leave your skin clear and ready for some action.

6. Better Tasting Bodily Fluids and Fresher Body Odor

Believe it or not, but adopting a vegan diet makes you taste and smell better, both serious advantages in the bedroom.  Going vegan usually means eating less acidic foods, leading to a more alkaline body chemistry and overall sweeter taste.  And a vegan diet high in fruits and vegetables leads to fresh and pleasant body odor as opposed to the intense, foul odor created by a diet high in animals products.  Tasting sweet and smelling fresh are two benefits of a vegan diet that your partner will enjoy even more than you!

Overall, going on a vegan diet will benefit your bedroom activities greatly.  You’ll feel and look sexier, have more energy, taste and smell alluring and be able to go harder, longer!  So go vegan for your sex life…your partner will thank you.

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  1. Jenny on June 25, 2015 at 2:36 pm

    It’s true! This was the argument that finally converted my BF from vegetarian to vegan.

    Love the video. Thanks for the morning chuckle. :)

  2. Emily Moran Barwick (BiteSizeVegan) on December 2, 2015 at 12:52 am

    Wow thank you so very much JoAnna! So glad to hear you’re going vegan! I hope your husband will follow suit :) I’m honored to be a part of your journey!

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