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Posts tagged: Q&A

Q&A With Gary Yourofsky: The Most Important Speech Ever This is the Q&A from Gary Yourofsky’s speech. Gary answers questions about veganism, compassion, and animal rights at City College, New York on March 24, 2014. Gary is an…

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Protein on a Raw Vegan Diet | Vegan Protein Sources

Now if you are a vegan or if you’ve even ever thought for a second about being vegan, someone somewhere has asked you, “so where do you get your protein?” …

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Is Honey Vegan? Healthy? Humane?

People often ask if honey is considered vegan.  The short answer? No.

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Is A Vegan Diet Too EXTREME!?

If there’s one reaction to a vegan diet that i find most interesting, it’s the assertion that veganism is extreme. I want to take a moment to look at what dietary…

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Are Humans Carnivores? Are We Meant to Eat Meat? (Graphic)

One of the most common arguments against a vegan diet is that it’s natural for us to eat meat.  You often hear this paired with with phrase, “if we weren’t…

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