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Posts tagged: Vloggets

Why YOU Are Awesome + 30,000 Subscribers?!

This is a quick informal video post, because it’s informal Friday, all about how freakishly awesome you are. [tweet this and/or this]   I’ve been meaning to tell you this for…

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How to Work Out At Work & My Amazing Transformation!

want to work out but can’t leave work?  Need exercise but can’t pry yourself away from your computer screen?  Want to get lean and fit and ripped without putting forth…

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Vegan Winter Food Haul [On My Bike!] + Why I Don’t Talk About What I Eat

I’ve had some requests to do a food haul so I figured…why not?   I try my best to make content that I believe is engaging and important on an ethical,…

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What I Do With Roadkill + Hanging With You in A Sleazy Motel

What do you do when you see “roadkill”?  It’s a pretty common site in our world, one many of us become numb to by necessity or simply lack of awareness. …

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My Branding Experience, Possible Prostitution & Social Media Phobia | My Vegan Move

While I was moving up the coast of the US recently from Florida to Massachusetts, I did some vlogging, as many of you, my dear readers and viewers, have requested…

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