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Posts tagged: Vloggets

What I Eat While On the Road | My Vegan Move

As you may know, I recently moved from Florida to Massachusetts.  Ooby and I packed up everything and drove up the coast in a moving truck, making our way to…

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Gary Yourofsky Is On Social Media! (Finally!)

Many people impersonated him.  Thousands of false profiles have been made.  He said he’d never do it himself, but it finally happened.  Gary Yourofksy is on social media.

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Vegan Gas Station Food Challenge!

One of the main concerns I hear from new vegans, or even long-time vegans, is how to stay vegan on the road.  Traveling can be a daunting task for vegans,…

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Vegan Festival Tour: Food, Fun, Outreach | VegFest Orlando

Today I’m going to take you along with me to VegFest in Orlando, Florida.  VegFest is an annual festival held in multiple cities all around the US and internationally to…

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Save Animals, Change Lives, Join the Nugget Army!

I’m going to be very open and transparent with you today and if you know me, you know that I’m a no BS kind of girl.  When I first started…

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