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Posts tagged: Animal Testing

Issues With The Ice Bucket Challenge

The ice bucket challenge has become a viral phenomenon as of late.  The web is dripping with doused celebrities, and Facebook has basically become a virtual luge.  Recently, Pamela Anderson…

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FREE WILLY and Go To JAIL | Criminalizing Animal Activism

Where we draw the line when it comes to animal activism? When are certain actions compassionate vs criminal. When is saving a life an act of terrorism vs heroism? Is…

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Alternatives to Animal Testing

since the last nugget on how animal testing kills humans, i’ve had several inquiries about what viable alternatives there are. now animal testing isn’t just dangerous for humans, completely ineffective…

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The Human Cost of Animal Testing

today we’ll address yet another absurdity of animal testing: it not only doesn’t help but actually harms, and, in many cases kills humans. maybe you could give a sh*t about animals…

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Why the F*ck Are We Still Testing On Animals?

In the first post in the animal testing series, I introduced the topic of animal testing, and discussed at the scientific inefficacy of it. Today I’m going to address why…

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