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Posts tagged: Vegan Fitness

My Vegan German Fitness Secret for a Perfect Body!

How to Get Thin, Fit, and Toned in Four Easy Steps! Over the time I’ve been doing the BSV videos, I’ve gotten numerous requests to share my fitness routines and…

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Can You Retain Muscle and Strength on a Vegan Diet?

so…can you retain muscle and strength on a vegan diet? even when not working out? even when not working out for SEVEN months? let’s take a look at my lazy…

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The Vegan Muscle/Protein Paradox | Building Muscle on a Vegan Diet

So, I’ve had many people say “oh wow, you have great definition/musculature” and then, once they know I’m vegan, start to counsel me on the importance of protein in my…

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Go Vegan for Health | Vegan Health and Weight Loss

Now we are going to go over a second reason that you can go vegan:  health.  The wealth of research and information on the health of being vegan is absolutely…

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